Thursday, February 18, 2016


Iran is not going to attack Iraq. The majority of the people in Iraq are Shia and the majority of the people in Iran are Shia so there is going to be a lot of trading going on so that’s supply times velocity. That’s positive for Iraq’s economy. It’s fundamental… Articles are saying Iran is on a spending spree. They’re out buying the best jets they can get from the west so people can fly from one city to the next in Iran and they’re opening up their business world…
Guess who one of their biggest business partner is?  It’s Iraq. That’s positive.  I don’t see anything negative coming down the road. Iraq has the massive dollar reserve so they can spend money…a percentage of their oil went down but they also gained it back on the value of the US dollar going up. They also gained because they reduced their note count. It’s really remarkable it really is. It makes me feel good…things will come to a head coming up soon.

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