Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wolfy's Truck Story, 26 JAN

Wolfy:   Wolfy's Truck Story
To begin with--Walter has asked me to repost this here for some people that may not have caught this earlier on..
So---My son is 12 and of course goes to school, and I have to take him and pick him up every day.  My Blazer broke down and I was strapped and had to way of having it repaired or purchase another one.  Had no way of getting my son the school and back--I was desperate to say the least.
I took my currency to my bank and spoke with my WM there. I told her my predicament and asked if there was any thing she could do at all to help me get another vehicle. 

Keep in mind that 3 yrs ago she warned me it was a scam and for me to be careful. She went on to warn me about several people that knew it was a big world wide scam.. But during the past 3 years of an ongoing relation with her(WM) she changed her mind and even bought currency herself..

I needed to tell that because a lot of you are saying you cant find a WM that knows anything about all of this--WELL, Mine didnt either but I was politely persistent and would visit her every week or two, just to create a bond between myself and the WM.

This whole get acquainted thing took about three years so that's how I got where I did with my WM.. You cant just go in off the street and demand to open an account because of an RV or GCR or whatever. It took time and patience.
Now after the explanation, lets get back to the vehicle.. She made copies of all my VN dong with the serial numbers up. (on the copy machine) not real copies.

Gave me a loan to get a vehicle and I signed a promissory note and used the currency as collateral, but I kept the money and brought it back home with me.

I went an purchased a vehicle with the loan money. I am making monthly payments just like any other loan.  The reason I couldnt use the vehicle for collateral was because they didnt make loans on vehicles over 10 yrs old.

I didnt get a new one because I couldn't afford the high monthly payments. I did the best I could do for the moment.
Some do not believe me and thats ok, because I am driving their disbelief every day..lol  Taking my son to school and back daily.  PTL . But had I not been going to my bank and seeing my WM for 3 years it would not have been possible at all.
Well thats it and now you know the rest of the story.  Be blessed and please if you cant say something nice just dont say it at all.

I am happy  Wolfy

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