Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

 Ray:  Memo says NOW up until ???.  The "now" is more important than the date.  
They are looking for this any minute.  
Ray:   Short call today. . .No new intel.  Banks were expecting you Friday . . .Went through Monday waiting and waiting. Started getting time frames from the banks.  Went through the times.  Tuesday morning anticipated seeing it and here we are.  Banks still saying, we're waiting, we're waiting.
Word from everywhere is, "It's done, it's done."  Everybody saying it should have already popped out.  

CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Still at an any minute, any hour, any day stance.                                                                                                 Operation codes are in place and have green light to go.  That is where the banks are right now.  We wait.
Ray:  Memo says NOW up until ???.  The "now" is more important than the date.  They are looking for this any minute.  Could it pop before I finish this call?  It could.  That's where we are right now. Just waiting.
  • TV /Mosques:   Talk of economic reform and citizens being unhappy with where they are and waiting for this to come to an end.
  • Rates    Ray has not checked on the rates recently.  Previously discussed rates heard of, are what the bankers have seen on the screens. Ray has heard the Dinar, $7-8;Dong, $2 - 4.00, ZIM sometimes as high as .20   Some say these are placeholder rates.  Those who have talked to Ray reported they did not see any of those type of rates.
  • Banks:   Expected to go last Friday and again on Monday.  Gave out time frames which were gone through.  Operation codes are in place and have green light to go.
  • Identification Requirements?  No change.  Ray has heard nothing new.  (previously it was 2 forms of picture identification)
Preparation Strategy:  Ray:  Mentally map out your strategies for every possible situation.  Only 2 or 3 different situations to contemplate.  After contract rates?  Have strategy.  Not after the contract rates?  Have strategy for that as well. Or, are you going to play the rate game?  That requires another strategy.  When you understand compound interest you'd control your debt and build wealth.  don't try to learn anything else.  Learn those two and everything else falls into place.

Q & A:    
Tony said we only know 60% of what is going on?  Ray thinks it is now up to 70-75%.
How is Winston?  Ray:  Feeling better.  Communicating, text wise, he's chipper.
Book on Trusts we could read?  Ray:  Sure there is, but I do not know name of that book or writer. 


Ray:  Not a lot of new info.  Still just as solid as far as I’m concerned.  Banks still saying we’re here.  Checked with as many banks as I could this morning for an update.  They said, still ready, we’re waiting, we’re expecting it.  
Can’t get any more out of them and don’t think others can either.  Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer.  We have to wait this out and know that it’s coming.  The pieces of the puzzle are slowly materializing.  We are looking good.
 If Hopefully, I'll be back here Friday with THE CALL.  If Friday, not the end, we will give you as much information as we can so you can get rolling. 
Following the song “I Believe,”  Ray continued talking.
Ray – Yes, yes!  Excited about your future and now recording off want to say I’m happy to acknowledge some new additions to my intel team . .
One has come to us that’s going to give us some good incite and info on yet another player bank that's gonna be involved in this process and other one incredible asset that joined our team and things we're looking for after this first basket gets out of the way.  Excited about that.   Thanks everyone for hanging out with us and continue to bring info to you. Very much looking for this to be over this week.

I’m super excited and not about the RV.  More about post RV.   

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