Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
Information coming in that exchanger's in Iraq are to adjust their rates tomorrow!!!
Ray:  I am feeling fantabulouser to the nth degree!!!
A lot happened since last Friday.  Claims, activity. And some things people just thought took place.  Friday banks were at an all time high alert.  Sanctions got lifted and claims of Iran RVing.  
Yesterday meetings in New York and the word was when the meetings finished we'd have the RV.  And here we are.  It wasn't a promise.  Meeting was successful and we await the end result of that.
(There are) Articles galore. Some propose what might, could, should happen and some, information of things yet to take place.  World Economic Forum is covering what's happening in Davros (Switzerland).  www.weforum.org 

Banks have clamped down on their people.  I used to have a handful of people I could get information from.  We can still get it.
EXCHANGES took place last week.  Tried again this week but exchanges would not go through.  Exchanges go from SKR's to loan activity.
CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  We are in the window.  Banks still say, any minute, any time.  
                                    Exchanger's in Iraq are expected to adjust their rates tomorrow!!!
Ray has no information on what USA exchangers will do tomorrow.  Ray "safe to assume so but had no US information on that."

RUMORS are all over the place:  Iran goes first; Iraq waiting on Iran; waiting on NY meeting to be completed, etc.

IRAQ:    Tariffs applied and back dated to Monday.  Article claiming the Budget is published in the Gazette today, Wednesday -Report on Abadi’s FB page, the FODS costing less because the value of the currency is more.       
  • Iran - Ray:  No solid proof they RI'd or RV'd.  It is fee sable to think the Rial must have revalued to sell their oil in International transactions.  A check of rates shows no change. 
  • World Economic Forum is taking place now in Davros, Switzerland.  Follow at:  www.weforum.org 
  • UST:    
  • Banks:    Exchanges took place in the USA last week.
  • Appointments:  Ray said he would tweet and text information he receives out and if the bank does not send it out, "our soldiers will ferret it out."  Ray, we will tweet it out, text it out. Hpefully the banks will send us info to share with you, but we will get it by some hook or crook. 
  • Vegas, Vegas, Vegas:  Caller: Is it going to be possible to meet up with Tony somewhere?  Ray:  Oh, sure.  I don't know what his NDA - don't want NDA acctivity to prevent get togethers.  It's still the plan.
  • Foundation:  Minimum requirements to set up a Foundation are $50,000.    
Q & A Answers:  No reason to think our money is any safer in a non-interest bearing account or interest bearing account.  
                        Separate account for Dinar - It's possible it will be treated or tracked differently. 
                        Bank bail out:  Ray:  Where you going to put your money?  Most of you will be putting it in top banks anyway.  Where would a bail in process even surface from a bank where we will be putting millions?  Let your WM professionally tell you what to worry about instead of taking pot shots at it.

RAY:  Things couldn’t be better . . .don’t know exact day.  Everything holds true according to information I’ve shared . . .or not shared.
If we are not at the place where I think we should be on Friday then we will come back and share information to take us into the weekend.
Bloomberg put out an article that made reference to US dollars being sold on E-bay.  The one you hold in your pocket.  On E-bay!  The question you should ask and get the answer too, “What am I missing?” 
Everything has a reason.  Find out the reason and you two might realize a different economic reality

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