Friday, January 15, 2016


    • sunny said
      10:26 AM Jan 15, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  Not promised for today, but they (banks) are very much expecting it.  Bankers very excited!
    Ray:  No new intel.  Will do a recap and some Q & A and get ready for the weekend.  Folks, people I've talked to, banks are looking for it like nobody's business.  Set up snack stations.  Bankers very excited. Anytime today, it could "pop."
    Some smart cards are funded. Back pay funded. Hitting certain provinces.  Sources in Baghdad report nothing happening there.  All of it was to have taken place on the 10th and here it is the 15th.  Didn't happen on the 10th but that is progress.  I'm going to be okay as long as progress keeps happening.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Not promised for today, but they (banks) are very much expecting it.  Still expecting it anytime . . . anytime today it could pop. Getting message from intel:  stay close to the phone.  All big players aware of anticipating this and . . . open for anything to fall today.
    Ray:  Remember to PIF - pay it forward.  Tony talked about it. Ten days after the RV date we will do something of a grand gesture.  Pay a bill, a tip, whatever comes to mind.  Not a message to anyone else but to us.  Put our stamp on it.    "TNT, Superfantastc"  It's just for us to know we did it.
    Caller:  For some of us this is pay day and lets Pay It Forward to pay for this call. These calls are not cheap. 
    IRAQ:    Ray is not aware if Mosul has to be secure before RV or gas prices need to be at a specific cost
    • Gazette published:  There are both reports of yes and no.  Ray said we ought to be able to see it and he hasn't yet.     
    • Banks 
    • Mosques:  mouth to mouth conversation that the Gazette would publish budget on Wed.  Have not seen it.  Some reporting it was published.  Ray:  Maybe it's communication - to me, published means I can see it.
    • ISIL
    • Iran:  Ray: No mention (previously) of Iran having anything to do with it. Now is it a major factor. Don't Wasn't discussed as one then. Would think sanctions would have to be lifted by 15th.
    • Canada:  Ray had not heard from his Canadian connection at the time of the call.         
    • Rates:  Only selected individuals can see rates.  It's the need to know mentality.  Also rates showing on screens maybe holder rates and not the actual rate.  Dinar:  $3.51- $3.71 expected.
    • Stock Market:     Ray:  Every "or this" has come and gone and we are still sitting here. Maybe things (stock market) have to explode for miraculous things to happen.  Caller reported UST was watching the market.
    • Banks:  have changed their attitude, outlook and disposition.   Ray:  People who have had an appointment, on the day of the appointment that person was no longer there.  They're banking person had just disappeared.  Didn't call and say don't come.   Bottom line - banking people became magicians and just disappeared.  Who else experienced that type of situation?
    • Bank Memo from previous call:   As I understand it a banker told Ray about the memo which said, “Federal Reserve and FDIC released dinar to be exchanged immediately."  Ray was asked if he’d seen a copy of the memo?  Ray:  I believe the banking memo.  I never saw it and I doubt anyone else would.
    • Packages:          
    EXCHANGE:    If you don't have a relationship with a bank or wealth manager, then a bank will create an account at the time of your exchange.  May not have access to the funds for 24-48 hours.
    RAY:  Every source I have, others and banking contact saying they are looking for it today.  Does it mean it will happen.  No, just means they are looking for it and I'll look right along with them.  I like the sounds of progress I've been hearing about.  Through the day I expect there will be more signs of progress.  If so, you will get a Tweet.  If not, I will enjoy the weekend.   
    We have been patiently waiting.   Waiting helps us keep our sanity.  Stay focused and be ready.   When it is our time we will move in the right manner in the right direction. The sun will come up and . . . one of those days the sun will come up for us.
    One of those times will be our time.  With a fixed and steady purpose we pursue our destiny.  That is what I believe.

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