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    • sunny said
      10:25 AM Jan 25, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Articles out the smart cards to be issued for the last place - Baghdad!
    Ray:  Many of us are surmising, when that takes place this is it! In addition to that info, I'm going to let this out. Item #4- Raf   (Rafidain) bank links smart cards internationally effective immediately!!!   (This info) Went to the bank yesterday. 
    Things happen in stages.  People got smart cards, then they had to be funded.  Things have to take place. 
    Ray:  Pam is on an errand and Winston has been sick over the weekend.  Just keep him in your thoughts and he should be better in the coming days . . . or coming hours.
    Intel just not out their . . .as far as new intel.  We are still in a good place.  On Friday talk about the Iraq Dinar listing on Forex rate matching other rates.  Then Forex closed.   Had to wait the weekend to find it wasn't. . . waiting for something that is probably true. . . . some information that other intel providers should be telling you.
    MEMO'S:  Ray:  One was in Iraq (to the exchangers) telling them to be ready to exchange by a certain date. It was date specific. I don't think anyone else is telling you that either.   Another memo went to US "and pretty much the same thing.  Approved for trade any time between now and certain dates. . . date specific.  I'm surprised that didn't come out Friday or over the weekend, because that was confirmed and visually seen. 
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  From expectation stand point - any time, any day, any minute . . . any hour.  Still getting this from banking people and other sources. Cannot put our finger on exact day/time.  (we are still in window from last Friday).  Any time between now and a certain date, could pop out any time.  Going to release smart cards - going to be International . . . there's a window we're working from.  Getting more pieces to the puzzle.  The clock is ticking.  Are you ready?
    IRAQ:    Gazette did come out last Thursday with budget in it.  Another section came out this weekend but still missing some key information.  Rate calculations are said to be in there but still not visible for the average person to read and decipher for conclusions.
    • CBI     
    • Banks: Rafidain Bank  -  Ray will call "Raf" bank as their is considerable discussion about how to pronounce.  Info is Raf bank will link their cards Internationally.  It was not clear if he met a credit card or smart card.  Ray: Waiting for the rate, for the cards to be funded and to see if they are fully International.  Always thought they would be done at the same time , but we are now seeing that the cards can be loaded and the revaluation happen later.  
    Ray:  It's all good information and added to items 1, 2 and 3, that’s pretty exciting because they are looking for the international currency to change by a specific time-frame.
     I’m still trying to nail information that came to me on Friday – and I didn’t even talk about it on Friday.  If it’s good info, we’ll get it out to you on a tweet or call, or if it’s already happened, you might not care about it by then.  Meanwhile, it’s appropriate that some others have the limelight. I have no interest in being the ‘first’ to call the RV.  I will give you what you need.  
    • Final Say So Ray:  Don't have an opinion.  Too many puzzle pieces missing.  If you are talking about the Iraqi currency, then it’s Iraq, but there are a lot of other cookies in that cookie jar.
    • Iran / Iraq tied together meaning one currency will not revalue ahead of the other:  Ray does not know if that's true or factual or otherwise.

    • Rates:   Ray would not quote rates saying, "give them the benefit of the doubt they still don't want us to quote rates."  He said if he did not hear a confirmation of this before the next call he would quote them.
                             Caller: People must understand we do not control the RV. It is controlled by others.                                                                 You have done fine job of asking questions but think people just need to listen.                                     You pass information on to us.  That should be the end of it.
    • UST:    
    • Banks:    
    Rumor:   Backwall is Feb 4th? Ray - not heard that.  But that's good.  It's close.     
    EXCHANGING:    Ray:  Still waiting for official information. . . If they give us 800 numbers, then we will give those out.  If not, you should find the number for foreign currencies and make your own appointment. They may not give it to us until the last minute or at all.  Be ready to call your bank yourself.
    Negotiating: Ray cautioned about having a firm attitude when you are talking to the banker.  His viewpoint was if you are very definite about what you want the bank may just give it to you and you will never learn what other options they may have to offer.  Ray:  I'm telling the bank, ‘this is my concern’ so they can tell me how to get it done.
    Everything probably is in place, and they are tying up loose ends.   Where does that put us today?  “Any minute, any hour”, with the banks still sitting on notification of currencies to be exchanged between now and a certain date, so it could happen at any time. There is a window they are working from over here and in Iraq, with the RAF bank issuing international smart cards, effectively immediately.  We’ll see how that unfolds today, tomorrow, as we wait for that specific day when it’s time for us to go and take care of business.  
    All we can do is wait folks. Be patient. Progress of wheel is turning. Liking everything I’m hearing. Went into weekend feeling good. Going into first part of this week feeling better. Clock is ticking.
    Any day really means any day.  If there is a need for us to be here on Wednesday, we will be here.  Any day really means any day – we may not be here by tonight, tomorrow, any day this week.  Can’t put our finger on it, but rest assured that it is coming and the reality will be here.  
    Fear disables, faith empowers. Keep the faith.  I believe.  Do you?  

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