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    • sunny said
      10:34 AM Jan 13, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  This is the "Truth or Consequences" call . . . because we are going to deal with some of that.  Have some good intel.  The President gave his last State of the Union.  I plan for this to be my last one too, to address an audience of this size.  My last big speech, not my last time talking to you.  After this, everything is going to be all downhill, happy go lucky.
    Stewardship:  Some of us have a firm Christian belief . . . that we have to atone for what we did in this life . . . and a judgement day where we will be asked, "What did you do?"  That's the responsibility of stewardship and leadership comes along with it.  When you have the responsibility to others, even if it fell in your lap. . .trying to live up to the responsibility of what is right.  To me that is stewardship.  
    The plan is what we are all about.  Any man can bring information, present the plan, when it's all about the plan.  It has been reported, Wiley Morgan and his minions, complaining - they are trying to stop the plan.  . . with all their efforts the plan continues on and . . . fellowship of that plan continues on.  Back in Nov. the numbers (connected to TNT) had dropped to 247K and now back up to 253K.  When plan is right, just can't stop it.
    Didn't do last two calls and revenue dropped for some of those folks.  
    Got to where they are impersonating me and other TNT members.  Everyone knows me as Rayren98, but the roaches on others boards are posing as Rayren89.    . . . I could go on and on, about (TNT) members being impersonated on other boards.  I wonder about the administrators on those boards allowing that to go on. . . you can't claim ignorance of this after today.
    We are not, "drink our Kool-aid," type of people.  Members know that.  You don't go to someone's house and slap them.  You can have an opinion as long as it is said with respect to others.
    GROUPS:  Tony was ratting some of you out.  Now it's come back again.  There are some good groups out there.  We closed TNT at 20K people and people begging every day to join.  We don't have to recruit.
    . . . some of you out there lieing, saying no chance to exchange your currency because we've had bankers telling members they will exchange their currency.  Not one of our banking sources ever said it has to be a group.  I am talking to the banks directly as well . . . bankers at high and low levels. . . not one has said you have to be in a group or they wouldn't deal with you.   I've heard nothing like that anywhere . . . may be possible that the group may have some favoritism, but why lie to folks & say they have to join your groups.
    INTEL:  Some people have bank appointments and they are for exchange because they are told to bring their currency.  Bank employees are disappearing.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Everybody locking onto the 15th.  Some saying Monday.  What's significant about the 15th?  UN rates come out again.  . . Could pop out 48 hours before or after the 15th. I am super excited! I am feeling Super Fantastic and Fantabulouser!!! 
    Ray:  Everyone pushing, wanting it done by the 15th, I'm holding with any minute, any hour, any day, right up through the 15th.  That's the expectation.  I feel good about it.  Using American time. - (could be the 14th)
     What more can we look for?  Signs of progress.  Exchanges taking place;  Iraq citizens getting their cards activated.  Even groups exchanging.  Those are all signs of progress.
    TNT Business: Ray: . . . speaking of overhead, not doing the last two calls saved considerably.  Already Blessed (Pam):   Pam saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. With Tony, Pam was needed for a lot of things on the board. With Ray she is not needed for that and she took a break.  Now she has gone to take care of someone, but she is still on the board.  Posts in chat.

    IRAQ:    Talk of upset citizens and rioting.  Talk, rumoring in the mosque, "saying look for it this week."  Ray:  Told the budget is to be published in the Gazette today. . .We wait to see.  ALL Iraqi's were to be paid at the new rate, but Ray has no knowledge that has taken place.
    • Announcement:  Ray:   Don't know there is going to be big announcement.  Some of world-wide events.  Some of us will say this is the RV we've been looking for.    
    • TV /Mosques:  rumors and whispering in the mosques expecting it this week. 
    INTERNATIONAL:    Ray:  Canada saying this week.
    • Rates:  New rates being seen on a need to know basis.  Bank people that have seen them before no longer can.  They have been shut out.    Rial:  Ray believes it will go at the same time as the other currencies. ZIM:  Ray: To my knowledge, 6 zeroes off the trillion dollar notes has not changed, but I have members who've said banks told them any current ZIM.  
    • UST:    
    • Banks:        Ray:  Some bank people surprised we have not seen it already.  Some working extra hours.  
    • About Open Mic:  Ray:  I do not give out intel on that call.  I do give out financial information.   OM is not an intel call.  I don't discuss intel on OM.  I might further discuss and break it down, but OM is just a group call where we hang out, play music, crack jokes and anything that is tolerable.      
    EXCHANGING:   If nothing is given to us.  If there are no 800 numbers released, Ray said you should already know the banks in your area that deal with foreign currency. Not dinars, nor ZIM specifically, but foreign currency.  Your first step will be to call the bank and make an appointment to exchange.  Strategy:  If you have more than the cap on say Dinar, you might want to put the overage into a partnership to A) be able to exchange it and not lose it and B) to have negotiating leverage.
    To get High Rate:  Ray said to negotiate. Don't be afraid to negotiate. If you don't ask, you can't receive. 
    RAY:  Closed with words of encouragement and the song, "I Believe."

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