Sunday, January 3, 2016


RALPH: Just heard from one of my sources located in Europe that is in the know on the entire process. Source informed me that if everything stays on course we in the U.S.A. could see our blessing the middle of January 2016. Hope and pray this is correct.

Redindian: Agreed on most of this intel today. Yes the banks know there is a "group of folks" in every town or nearby zipcodes that hold these currencies and they are doing new package deals just for us.  It is no longer "a BIG secret". Every bank I have spoken with has told me that they have several members that come in and inquire about this so I am sure this is adding fuel to the fire to get the lower levels exchanged. All the politics with ISIS, markets, etc..etc, will ALWAYS be there so trust your good intel you get here and know that they the PTB will continue rolling this out to supplement/finance all these global hiccups/cures/agreements and wars. It really is that simple when you simplify the bulk of all of this ongoing world news and issues. There will always be bad guys, dirty politics, back room deals, etc so I am not going to think that this will never get done much less drag on and on. It is pretty cool to see it all unfolding and big banks are loving it....they are fixing to get paid in a big way. cheers.

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