Tuesday, January 12, 2016

TNT :My Story, This AM by ChapoC , 12 JAN

    • ChapoC said
      06:15 AM Jan 12, 2016
    A buddy, that I have kept in the loop of TNT and Koonce info, called me this morning about a call that he received last night.
    A friend of his (retired special forces), on the east coast that hasn't called him in a couple of years, called and told him that a few days after Christmas, a group chartered a plane and took their dinar to Tahoe and turned it in with a group that equaled about a billion dinar. He said that he could probably get us in, if we wanted.
    I told him about Tony's experience, going to Tahoe and listening to whomever; he was invited by to join their group. I told him that Tony said "NO" and I wasn't giving my dinar to anyone but a bank or exchange site. 
    I told him that from what I understood, things were happening as countries were switching to asset backed currency. Anyway, that's my story. Have fun with it.

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