Tuesday, January 5, 2016


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smwhrnTexas : I just got off the phone with a WM from one of who I have spoken to before. This WM has given me the party line when I spoke about currencies. (I said before that I had Dinar & Dong.) she always seemed awkward and uncomfortable, advising me that it was not a good idea to invest in these currencies and that WF would NOT be exchanging Dinar at all, etc.

After Ray suggested we get a connection with a WM, I called her again. I did NOT mention Dinar this time. If she remembered I have it, I have no idea. I am excited now that I have spoken with her.  She did not give me any exciting information, but the things that were not said seem to communicate volumes to me.

I told her I have VNN, ZWR & Iranian Rial. I told her I am aware that these currencies are  about to revalue, and wanted to come in and find out what kind of services WF would be able to supply for us. I told her that we were interested in generational wealth for our families, and needed someone to walk us through that process and to set it up. 

Her reply was, "we are not exchanging those currencues at this time. However, for my clients with your same situation, I let them know that once they have the money deposited, a team will be assembled for us specifically.

They will meet with us to get to know us,  our goals, and then they will help us achieve them. She said, "this is the kind of thing that we not only do every day, but we excel in." She made sure that I knew that!

What she did not say was that this was a bad idea, or try and deter me. She  acted as though she knew what I was talking about, and was going to be very happy to help us when the time came!

 I told her that since she had my name and number and now knew what currencies I held, that I would love for her to call me when the currencies revalue, and that I thought she would know before I did. ( I was just fishing to see her response.) She said to me that "she was not sure about that."

 So I simply said, no problem, however, if she knew that they revalued and  had not heard from me, I would appreciate her giving me a call. I also added that if I heard that the currencies revalued and had not heard from her I would do my exchange and then give her a call. She said that was great and we said our goodbyes. Again I'm very excited about the thing she did not say.

 So that's my story, possibly not are chattering news to be sure, but that encouraged me. I'm hoping that it encourages many of you as well.

Brooklynkid:  My sister lives in Tenn and was talking to his WM from 5/3 bank and he told him that they are waiting any minute for this to happen. He will call my brother in law who is first on the list.

FloridaK:  Good evening room, I am in Florida and have been in this Chase bank before and asked about the currencies and was told no it's a scam. To I took a young lady to open an account and is asked the young man if he knew anything about the GCR and he said yes. I did not mention any name of currencies and he came out with the Iraqi Dinar, I said I did not call any special one, and he smiled. He gave me the Private bankers business card and told me to make appointment to see him tomorrow.

TennWolfMan:  Boots on the ground from the sand box say the green light was given late last night in Iraq…. All I was told that it was late last night--I dont know the time zone

Briona:  We were told many times when it will go in Iraq at the same time as here, so bring it on.

kue911 :  my best friend has US government contact that said LD's are in circulation in Baghdad...That has to be a good thing. I can't see them releasing them if they have no value

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