Tuesday, January 12, 2016


OKRocks:  FROM MY INBOX.... For Those that dont know Dr Todd is not his real name and he is involved in part of the process... I think you can google him on youtube for when he first spoke)

"Dr Todd" via Gary says we are still in line for our currencies to change, everyone is scrambling in the background. meetings going on this last week and working with the royal families but it is very quiet.

Meetings last week, the queen is dealing with disbursement of funds, which is supposed to be done but new meetings to discuss and re-evalute the plan, issues came to the table. a lot of changes to come it causes a lot of ripples, new info to come. a lot of "reduction" going on and there is less money now being wired between countries.

In the new year the banking elite leadership were/are to come back on the 15th but most are running into meetings now. why is everything so quiet?

Was expecting flurry of activity but its now been cautious and a re-evalutaion is going on. like China, their numbers are manipulated but effect all, not based on what is in the system but all the numbers make sense, in alignment.

There is a lot of activity and somebody is manipulating the system. he sees China is playing a very strong job while others try to figure it out.. if they have made a decision on the rv value they are not letting the cat out of the bag


Recaps Archives) World Global Settlements History With Dr. Todd - September 6th 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnSrlBk-4s

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