Thursday, January 14, 2016



Iko Ward:  Ships in Galveston Dwindling. Now 20 tankers off Iranian port with 8 tugs waiting at the piers. No other news from me at this time….Was 100% sure it was going last night. It may have, just not out yet.

TnDr:  Thanks Iko, please indicate significance if Iranian ships leave port full.
Iko Ward:  It means they are getting the international rate in Rial for their cargo… If Iran starts loading oil onto ships it means they have RI'd and we have RV'd

Iko Ward:  So IF they lift sanctions tomorrow it means we're done.

Iko Ward : My contact never called, but we did get other reports of loaded cards. Waiting to see what Ray has to say.

MountainMole:  Iko the IMF wouldn't allow the lifting of sanctions against Iran without the RV of Iraq would they.

Rxsalesokc:  If sanctions get lifted we'll hear it on CNN or other news media 1st I'm sure. They were covering it yesterday saying "Iran is only days away

Tennwolfman wrote late last night got an email saying boots on the ground in Baghdad says its done--please know this has not been confirmed as of yet. today could just be our lucky/blessed day
Tennwolfman wrote I was told budget was in but the email I got said it was done-I dont know

Tennwolfman wrote This powerball thing would be a great time to pop a RV

Tennwolfman wrote we need to hold our head up high and look the world in the eye and go forth into a new world that will be and has been purposed for us to PIF
Heavenishome wrote no IKO yet guys. we wait

Oneiros wrote I just saw on the CBS Morning Show that the real estate agents now have to supply info to the government about Shell LLC who purchase million dollar properties for cash...looking for money laundering
     (Also in yesterdays blog)


K Boom wrote Ray sent out a tweet about an hour ago. Other overnight chatter indicating live rates in Iraq-stay tuned.. IF this is verified, the trickle will become a flood(I am sure Ray and others vetted their guys info... its just how long does it take to reach all imo)
K Boom wrote Wobble wobble... S&P 500 Futures 1,876.75 -4.75 -0.25% - Nasdaq Futures 4,139.00 -36.75 -0.88% - Dow 30 16,113.27 -38.14 -0.24% 
okrocks wrote Ray is saying the same  as other folks as well... peeps in iraq are talking... take it or leave it, like Ray said- your choice
zlrk01 wrote troll alert: person listed as "Kenny, or Monica, or Joe, or Iraqi... all bashing in the various rooms... be on lookout..
nwmontana wrote Just warning Everyone to proceed with caution, thats all. Nothing negative, just stay alert for hoaxers. I think were there too!

Canadian steamship loaded with wheat docked the port of Umm Qasr after waiting at sea for more than a month
According to a shipping source in Basra province, Thursday, that a foreign vessel carrying tens of thousands of tons of Canadian wheat importer for the Ministry of Trade docked in the port of Umm Qasr, commercial after more than a month on a stopover in the area freely away from the port due to delays....
Also Oil prices recorded a rise in Asia

Tennwolfman wrote aaaaaaaaoooooooouuuuuuuuwwwwwwwllllllll=wolfy howling for the RV 
Tennwolfman wrote LESS time to buy
(remember Corey would always post, more time to buy)
Tennwolfman wrote As I gaze upon this coming midnight clear--My mind starts to wander and my ears start to hear--There's a RV acoming and its coming mighty close---In just a few more hours now it will be here coast to coast---wolfy     
ohhh ROFL....
Tennwolfman wrote Im getting tired of doing nothing all the time--post RV I'm hiring someone to do nothing for me

wrider22 wrote I'm wondering why the DOW etc are climbing today...anybody?

Tennwolfman wrote RV is here--you just gotta believe until the announcement

Uenvoy wrote I am back.. check this out.. I was checking the Maritime Vessel tracki​ng to see what if any vessels were moving across the pacific. and the​re are only a few.. and I mean very little shipping vessels moving .. ​check it out here. http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:130/centery:35/zoom:7 ...And that it is true, the shipping has almost halted between countries .. WOW

      Index     Country     Change     % Change     Level     Last Update
      Dow Jones Industrial Average     United States     +231.72     +1.43%     16,383.13     12:40:47pm ET
      S&P 500 INDEX     United States     +28.49     +1.51%     1,918.77     12:41:35pm ET
      Brazil Bovespa Stock Index     Brazil     -558.81     -1.41%     38,955.02     12:23pm ET
      Canada S&P/TSX 60     Canada     +1.40     +0.20%     716.61     12:26:31pm ET
      Santiago Index IPSA     Chile     -4.14     -0.15%     2,816.41     12:18pm ET
      IPC     Mexico     +144.04     +0.35%     41,152.82     12:18pm ET

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