Thursday, January 7, 2016


TNT : 

dallred123 wrote just got a text from bank buddy all $$$$$$$$$ , thats it
      dallred123 wrote no he has not exchanged, he just knows the rates and a better time frame

dallred123 wrote he is in a mtg so it is just quick text     
    dallred123 wrote he knew the mtg was about the exchange that is becoming more public

dallred123 wrote he will not tell the rates

freedomboomer wrote dallred would you happen to know if our zim is in there for sure.. many report it is.
    dallred123 wrote yes on the zim
dallred123 wrote he is a software guy and works on the system for this exchange for the banking sector

letitbe wrote
Poppy 3:  Vietnam Finance minister says will make a major announcement within the next 48 hrs.. Have no idea what it is hope its about changing their rate?

Tbirdd wrote DALLRED -- he has some idea on the timeframe? really?
dallred123 wrote tbirdd...just based on what he is working on and being told

dallred123 wrote  he can see the rates because he is part of the team that developed the system but he wont tell me   
hijack wrote LIFE is like a camera... focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives, and if things don't work out...take another shot.  

N0N0 wrote dallred, hope your sharing with us the things he's passing on doesnt get him in a pinch

      dallred123 wrote this is becoming more public
dallred123 wrote he knows way more than he tells me
Imaginary2 wrote Dallred do you think these could be place holder rates? 

    dallred123 wrote no
dallred123 wrote i am so excited

N0N0 wrote hmmm... interesting, bloomberg is interviewing a young lady who knows a lil about what/why China is doing what they are, and she said they suspended the circuit breakers because they hoped it would slow down the global decline, becuase those breakers were causing it to fall faster and farther than they envisioned...  

8:30pm EST when the Chinese market open again, if the fall happens again, she said its designed to pause at 5% loss for 15 minutes, then again at 7%, and thats when they would stop trading. Now if they suspend the circuit breakers again is yet to be seen, but interesting stuff none the less...

N0N0 wrote I think they are doing it to FORCE the oligarchs in the US, to force their hands because they propped up the market when this was supposed to happen before christmas and it didnt because they infused a bunch of money into the market...

courage3693 wrote What happened today tho was ACROSS THE BOARD all open markets were allowed to free fall...which we've never seen before...and which tells me that the Chinese are fully in control of the markets

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