Thursday, January 7, 2016


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Depaul13 wrote I don't understand what They are waiting for..... A complete Crash??? Brother!!
Heavenishome wrote I know we have been waiting for this and why it's happening so no fear,but wow.. looks bad      
deemoney wrote Yes Iko mentioned the markets crashing. He was in about four. He said oil will drop to $31. And that this is it! And also he's feeling Great!! He'll be back later

Depaul13 wrote Well.. Nasdaq is almost at 3% loss again.... you can watch it fall live on Yahoo. finance

elmerf123456 wroteThe Pain of the market! I feel sorry for the Senior Citizens like my father and every senior who now is having their savings erode in the market right before their eyes. They will never recover from the financial loss because of age and retirement. This is truthful. It's good for the some and bad for many. 
elmerf123456 wrote Dow open (Pre-market) nearing -400 to open. Wow!
elmerf123456 wrote Yes but no liquidity and stupidity is not a good answer. We are seeing what we all know right Before our eyes!

white wrote Another perspective - It will soon be a great time to buy into the markets. Hopefully about the time we all have some extra monies and looking to invest.
      elmerf123456 wrote White I agree but only if you believe this is just a Down Market.
brendad wrote elmerf123456 You saw this weeks ago. They have fought tooth and nail using their own resources to pump the market back up. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.     
    elmerf123456 wrote Yes I did. Months ago. It still cuts hard and is sad to see but it's reality to go forward.

S&P     -47.25  /  -2.38%  1,938.75
Nasdaq     -135.50  /  -3.05%  4,311.25
Dow     -400.00  /  -2.38% 16,438.00
Data as of 8:20am ET

elmerf123456 wroteWe have all been watching. We have shared our opinions. We are seeing the reality of those opinions. Leaves two choices and believe what you have been told or stay and do the same as history. This is a generational change in the making. And the largest transfer of wealth in your History. Hope you studied well.
elmerf123456 wrote U.S. stock index futures indicated a sharply lower open on Thursday after China news overnight added to concerns about global economic growth. Oil continued to slide, with U.S. crude hitting a 12-year low. Dow futures were off about 380 points after earlier falling nearly 450 points, as of 8:30 a.m., ET.
countrylady wrote I am amazed at how many people don't realize the stock market is manipulated!     
    elmerf123456 wrote Country lady yes it is and has been and that's why the system change is in the air! Don't believe me?....just watch.

elmerf123456 wrote This IMO will be worse than 2008. And I do remember both all too well
      elmerf123456 wrote This is the results of the systemic failure of the fiat system and manipulation. A change is in the air. You know the change.
Buckeyefan wroteSome will get hurt badly while others will dance with joy::: The Big Short showed this very behavior!

elmerf123456 wrote Brokers make money. Even the wealthy are taking huge losses. It is what it is.
Fishon wrote The money does not disappear. It just changes hands.
elmerf123456 wrote Changing hands is an accurate statement. Question is who's hand is holding at the end of the bell.

Depaul13 wrote Tennie... what time is your appointment?
Tennwolfman wrote depaul I am calling in about 9:30 to set the time for today
elmerf123456 wrote China shares halted for 15 minutes after CSI 300 tumbles more than 5% Folks....if you've been following what's been told, you are seeing the reality now.! We have arrived. 

elmerf123456 wrote You've been taught for a long time now. I won't repeat or cast any doom theories etc. if you know...you know! The system changes we've mentioned are all ever revealing. You with currency have the ticket you need to change your life and help many! To be prepared isn't to be scared. Your special and will see all that's been said reveal and I mean within reach. God Bless You!
elmerf123456 wrote They (China) closed the market down now. Checkmate. Their market just opened folks. They shut it down to the declines. Major Big News.
 their market opened at 8pm est. they China closed it due to 5% loss at the gate and blamed it on a circuit breaker. We know better.
All you have to understand is that this is Global and your hopes and dreams have stepped closer to major reality.
elmerf123456 wrote In the long run my friends all you have to know and understand is are you holding currency and have you paid attention. No one gets left behind and you know more than you think you do. It's about to get real.      
elmerf123456 wrote IMO there is no more long run. How's that?     
danblessed wrote Someone's going to probably roll their eyes at me but how does. China's currency devaluing help us? I'm paying attention this time I promise  
elmerf123456 wrote danblessed. Simple. .china has applied this pressure to force what they have always wanted. A gold/asset backed currency.
elmerf123456 wrote IMO we see fiat first then asset backed shortly after. Just saying this is global and change will come. Count on it. The currency system that we've known for over 35 years now will change. There is no more liquidity and it's showing its ugly head and obvious the fed rate hike didn't solve anything. Period. The system is broken.
lovely2 wrote elmer do u think the us will go into a depression?     
    elmerf123456 wrote Lovely no. But a period of hyper inflation for sure.

JerseyBoysFaninMN wrote Elmer.... when you exchange.... are you going to purchase a bunch of Chinese Yuan with your proceeds?
      elmerf123456 wrote Jersey that's my plan If and only if it's still fiat after RV. My bet is Yuan and Swiss frank
elmerf123456 wrote One thing left to say.....be happy and Smile! God bless the Believers and soon to be Receivers.
JerseyBoysFaninMN wrote I heard that if the rates are really high it's FIAT; if the numbers are low... it's asset-backed.

MTmann wrote Received a text from a friend who is part of Admirals Group. They said they are on high alert to come to Reno to exchange. As far as I know, its the first time they're on HIGH alert.

GreatlyBlessed wrote Chinese markets shut down again in the midst of a sell-off! Breaking news on Bloomberg
GreatlyBlessed wrote CNBC. The shortest trading day. China within this hour they are forced to pull the circuit breakers again to shut it down! Second time this week. After thirty minutes of trading. Chinese markets close after circuit breaker triggered.

BrocollySaurus wrote Shanghai SE Composite Index China -245.96 -7.32% 3,115.89 9:22pm ET
BrocollySaurus wrote Here we go again. World markets summary by CNN: "Asian markets are lower today as Chinese and Hong Kong shares fall. The Shanghai Composite is off 7.32% while the Hang Seng is down 2.51%. The Nikkei 225 is not trading." "European markets finished broadly lower today with shares in France leading the region. The CAC 40 is down 1.26% while London's FTSE 100 is off 1.05% and Germany's DAX is lower by 0.93%."
 "North and South American markets finished broadly lower today with shares in Brazil leading the region. The Bovespa is down 1.52% while U.S.'s S&P 500 is off 1.31% and Mexico's IPC is lower by 0.83%."

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