Tuesday, January 5, 2016



PlatinumRunway: Good Evening……  So i take it everyone is on pins and needles

Cool1967:  Hi Platinum are you allowed to share intel now?

PlatinumRunway:  Well it depends if u ask the right questions

Natok:  Platinumrunway any news on those in Reno going?

PlatinumRunway:  Reno non factor thinks bank exchanges

06ddd50:  Platinum is January definitely OUR Month to RV......???????

PlatinumRunway:  RV highly in effect for the week expecting it very soon
Mangelo:  I believe it's this week!!!  I bet it's Tuesday after 4pm crt because of the Gazette being published...

PlatinumRunway:  I like weekends personally…. Have you guys figured out which distraction works best for our RV yet?

Dreamsdocometrue:  Platinum. ..the markets taking a dive?

Billnmas: the distraction we are looking for is a global fall in total markets including commodities and a reset will be the order of business to restart the system

PlatinumRunway:  Markets tanking is a side show not the real distraction…
PlatinumRunway:  The distraction is whats taking place in our own backyard…. There is a 3 ring circus going on

TBarts:  Uh plat the political squabble

PlatinumRunway:  Bingo elections is one part of it… Look at our political arena


PlatinumRunway:  Ok a lil intel then i have to leave

Memos again were sent to banks all across the US again today

A lot of individuals who thought they would exchange did not, they were being prepped for this week.

What was taking place through most of the day was prep. People who may have purchased currency from banks got inside info on exchange procedures

Banks are expecting us this week. Yes I believe this is no longer a drill. Patience level is wearing thin with everyone eyeballing the US.

Yes there are individuals still trying to slow the snowball rolling down the mountain. Yet again there are people fighting for us even harder this week!!!!

For the record i dont call the banks just have great contacts that give some intel in the moment.

I said i like weekends not calling anything

Establish a relationship with someone in the bank, they will notify you when something happens.

Alworta: Thanks to you and your contacts, Plat

Happy2b:  lat, thanks for helping to restore my hope, sometimes, it gets a little tough out there...

PlatinumRunway:  Its tough everywhere but we are at the door now with keys, before we only had access to the doorbell …hoping someone would let us in…. When you open the door the outside world you once belonged to wont even matter. The least of your problems will be trying to manage your generational wealth.

CookieCutter: you're right plat

PlatinumRunway:  I stress once again, have your plan A, B, & C. Take a cheat sheet if needed, they are laughing now at us, but oh boy, the last laugh will be by all of us who hold currency…. If i were all of you dont waste this week please i urge u.

Beatylady:  Platinum: I agree and be careful and diversify. Plan your work and work your Plan. Why not? They have their cheat sheets.

PlatinumRunway:  IMO and this is just my take on it. I expect to be at the banks this week, not sure what day, just expecting this week!   Now can anything hinder that, yes it can. Me being a glass half full type of guy, i tend to lean towards we are exchanging sooner than later.

Uni345ty:  Plat I agree I'm expecting this week as well

CharlieOK:  NOW: For those on here that may believe I busting Plat's chops: I am not. It is just how I eee it. What's not to like? A 1=3 wk cushion?

PlatinumRunway:  CharlieOk I understand u completely i dont take it personal. I only bring what i can confirm in the moment, and as we all know, noone has all the answers. Yet we are all headed towards one common goal, financial freedom. God bless you all and good night!

CharlieOK:  PLAT: Amen. I know what I know. You know what you know. But in the end; it is about finally getting off this ride. Thanks for your input.

PlatinumRunway:  A wise man once said "Wisdom is not gained by trying to impress others by what you think you know, its about being able to accept that there are others who are in the know!".

PlatinumRunway:  Good night everyone TOMORROW will be interesting all around the globe.

Wednesday:  Thank you Platinum for sharing with all of us. God bless you!

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