Friday, January 22, 2016


TNT : 

Martha excerpt - It took how long to "align" this time for our blessing? Seems like forever. I can't even count the sleepless nights of researching and calculating and reading between the lines. But is it all over with the RV? This is only the beginning of a journey to change a world so damaged by wars, chemicals, hatred and GREED. This is a true beginning ,perhaps the start of a new book of Genesis. There is no stopping it, but it is now our time to bring it forward; a time to guide those who won't understand; a time to educate and a time to be a true part of the change but most of all be proactive to bring this all together.... The next few days will be very interesting to say the least. Martha

mieze wrote accordingly my informations, the announcement has been made in the mosque this morning, this information has not been confirmed yet from a second source

CAM wrote I'm in NC and it is pouring down snow. Many inches out there already and still coming. This storm is definitely happening as predicted. ... Yes, in the mountains. We had sleet last night so I am sure there is a layer of ice under this, but I would guess there is over six inches of snow already and still pouring down. Thankful I can stay home today!

Becky wrote Oil recovery and continues to exceed $ 30 Friday 22-01-2016 | 1:09:00 Twilight News / Oil prices rose five percent on Friday to exceed the level of $30 a barrel, which Achtergueth last week amid cold weather in the United States and Europe and the rise of the financial markets. US crude rose US $ 1.26 to US $ 30.79 a barrel by 0732 GMT, to rise more than four dollars above its lowest level in 12 years of $26.19 a barrel and heading for a weekly gain of more than four percent. And increased global Brent crude $1.50 to $30.75 a barrel away from the low level of $27.10 a barrel and heading for a weekly gain of more than six percent.

gs13 wrote I will say a special prayer for those snowed in . God bless and stay warm BBL
fitzgerald wrote THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY
GJHHonor wrote Gold 1095.40 8.47 am est

beachtreen wrote FOREX 1180???     
Holdinon wrote Beach - I saw the increase... It was 1058 only twenty minutes ago!      

    Holdinon wrote That's actually where the CBI moved the value to... This could be a great indication!
danblessed wrote Yeah forex was at 1150 just a minute ago and I thought THAT was odd behavior....BUT 1180?!? THATS EVEN WEIRDER    

OffGrid wrote Forex at 1180 pairs up with the CBI rate ----- US dollar USD 1182.000 1180.000 .... ya gotta synch before ya blink!!! ;)
Abby1 wrote With the great info Bruce brought last night...expectations from Wolfy and Dallred for by the weekend....Surely SOMETHING this morning!

lilypad wrote Good morning TNT peeps. Was here at 4:50 cst this morning. Did Plat ever confirm if his bank appt was to exchange? 

platinumrunway wrote 7m ago Well everyone getting ready for my bank appt, chat with you later.

lilypad wrote the auction exchange rate is showing about 1200 now, if you look at the averages below the charts, exchange rate is reflecting a 2% spread which is required in Article 8 and this is what is actually happening in Iraq. the date range is reflecting 1/22/2016, it appears they have only charted to June 2015 when the charts are enlarged. But that does tell me that they are showing that it is not a fixed rate.

bamaltc wrote Forex 1180, markets rallying, oil $31+ ... interesting Friday....

nwmontana wrote Biggest East Coast storm since Sandy...Lets all send out the prayers, good Mojo and Sunshine to our brothers and sisters in the East..God Bless them Everyone

Lou wrote It was the announcement. Already one report in the mosque with another one confirming.
Houston wrote Jim Cramer of Squawk Box said he heard there "could be" a worldwide economic stimulus in the next 72 hours but declined to say what it might be.

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