Saturday, January 2, 2016


TNT : 

Tennwolfman said he talked to his friend...friend went to a WF nearby and in speaking with the WM she told him she was on high alert.... the first time that WM talked to him with that phrase... just wanted to pass it along

Ray said to the best of his knowledge we will not be exchanging into USD asset backed dollars... post RV you will have a lot of money and hired professionals that will tell you the maneuvers you need to make to help you deal with it..

caller talking about the M7corp, ibuy dinar stopped selling, will they still honor reserves
Ray-- in reading okrocks thread I saw many peeps came back and said dealers were still selling
caller-- ibuydinar is now gone, blank, that is concerning to me
Ray-- unless they cant get the product?
caller-- if anyone has any info on that please post it
Ray-- looking at it right now... white screen says not taking new orders go to another dealer... could be they cant handle all the requests now maybe... there is a status part in there for existing customers

C-- has Abadi made that announcement
Ray-- no I have not seen it yet... if it took place I do not know
Ray says there is always a time to sit back and see what happens rather than speculate.. watch out for the smoke and mirrors

Ray says you single folks I highly recommend your new account has a POD (Payable On Death) on it... if you ce on monday and come wednesday you pass on when you planned on friday to move it to an entity... so that money moves to your estate and once debts are satisfied, fees paid your loved one gets whats left.... but with a POD your loved one has it all... so make sure you do that! Check your state laws even some married folks with separate accounts may need to do that also

Ray-- I have heard dif rates so we have to wait and see what is offered once we sit across the table....
C-- on today cnn news saying it could take a year or two to get rid of ISIS so how can they revalue with all that
Ray-- they need to revalue, it needs to be done so they can continue to exist whether at war or not.... maybe on monday or tuesday if we have gone to exchange I could call you and see if you are still waiting for a year to resolve isis lol

Ray--you guys hang in there, banking peeps still looking for the first of the week.... lets see what unfolds today and tomorrow, and see what Monday holds... take care everyone     

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