Monday, January 11, 2016


TNT : 
Depaul13 wrote The Shanghai Composite closed down 5.3%, and the Shenzhen Composite ended 6.6% lower.
  (thats quite a slide... I think that would be like the dow losing about 800 to 1000 points?)

(Talk on the weather, alligators, etc lol)

tennwolfman said he had been asked to stay out of chat... except for just hellos and such ... (thinking its was by his guys and not here)
    drakechap wrote Iko is sick, elmer been down, plat has an imposter, and tenn hands are tied!!! Our four horsemen are going through it. we have a to stay prayed up and covered.

lol .... Heavenishome wrote digging for diamonds in a pig pen is what it seems like some days lol

Iko Ward wrote When a beloved celebrity passes we lose that part of our lives. For me, David Bowie will always be the guy they were playing at two in the morning when we were coming off a wedding gig at some club on Long Island. Gizmos friends would all be out on the floor in those god-awful pastel clothes and gold chains. We’d walk in still dressed in tuxedos. David Bowie was king of cool. Farewell to loved ones.

GJHHonor wrote Hi IKO how are you feeling hope you are doing better.?     
    Iko Ward wrote I'm fine now
Newcreation wrote State of the Union address tomorrow night...will we hear how fantastic our economy is??
Heavenishome wrote it's been so quiet even the crickets are looking for another place
taxmom wrote I saw the Big Short NY's weekend. Loved it. Told me that we just need to be patient. We know what we know and it will happen.

SassyD wrote Watch THE BIG SHORT Online: http://putlocker.is/watch-the-big-short-online-free-putlocker.html

(The video keeps buffering? Just pause it for 5-10 minutes then continue playing!)

mailboxmoney wrote the guy from the movie, cant remember his name but he was put a warning out that we are going to go thru something like that again.

I AM PLEASANTLY SURPRISED GJH REMEMBERED MY MOVE OUT/"HOMELESS" DATE... before you ask, yes I have been fighting this for 4 years now... that is a good run... i have been blessed in that way.

GJHHonor wrote Okrocks hoping for Rv before the 22 jan. come on rv
okrocks wrote GJH ty! me too!
karmaking wrote Saudi Arabia says, still (quote) "committed" to dollar peg, ​even though S.A. spends --billions-- to maintain the currency peg, ana​lysts say. #WhatIsOurCurrencyBasedOn http://www.marketwatch.com/story/saudi-arabia-says-still-committed-to-dollar-peg-2016-01-11?dist=beforebell

karmaking wrote Russia has just taken significant steps that will break the present Wa​ll Street oil price monopoly, "It is part of a de-dollarization m​ove that Russia, China and a growing number of other countries have qu​ietly begun." #WhatIsOurCurrencyBasedOn http://journal-neo.org/2016/01/09/russia-breaking-wall-st-oil-price-monopoly/


    Dow 16,394 +47.12 +0.29%
    Nasdaq 4,653 +9.54 +0.21%
    S&P 500 1,927 +4.55 +0.24%

SassyD wrote The Shrinking Global Economy, In Three Charts http://dollarcollapse.com/the-economy/the-shrinking-global-economy-in-three-charts/
by John Rubino on January 10, 2016
Regular contributor Michael Pollaro offers three more charts which tell a story that’s both disturbing and apparently misunderstood by a lot of mainstream analysts.

The US trade deficit (exports minus imports) has been getting smaller. Since a trade deficit subtracts from GDP growth, a shrinking deficit will, other things being equal, produce a bigger, faster-growing economy (that’s the mainstream take). ......
LOL ... buckmaster wrote If someone would just let the PTB know that Nascar starts up next Month , and we would all buy tickets to Daytona 500 , and T Shirts and Beer and RV's . We would have such a positive impact on the economy
viron wrote Has anyone noticed that forex hasn't changed since sometime last week, mid week.

Meanst413 wrote the movie the big short is awesome and then the one called Too Big to Fail is what happened afterwards. But once you know it's something you can't forget.
Mahaa wrote A word on where we are, I think and it is just my opinion.. We know the entities in control are rich so money may not be the issue. I think it is the POWER or country status , which country's currency is ranked where. Where their country ranks among the powerful.. AND I think they are close to figuring that out. Hang in there, I THINK we are at the end.

dallred123 wrote not much going on in here i see    
    okrocks wrote dallred nope, everyone is quiet, are you quiet too?

dallred123 wrote we spoke alot over the weekend this is at the very end of the ride of course he does not know the exact time he sits in meetings and gets a very good idea of where we are at..... and when he called me last night he said just make sure that you are ready because this thing is going to happen any min 

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