Sunday, January 10, 2016


Tennwolfman wrote NOTICE--I will be taking a break from chat for a while--will be lurking some--and may drop in from time to time to say hello--all is well so dont flood my inbox lol Bye for now HUGS
RayRen98 wrote MORNING CREW RAP SESSION -- LET'S TALK FOR A BIT.....15 MINUTES (left to 8:20am Pt)
 Ray said hopefully Monday will be the call... enjoy your day and lets see what happens

Sunny added this to her info: Sorry gang that I missed sharing some info.  I was about to go to sleep last night when something the WF manager said replayed in my mind.  He said  "not to exchange the first week while the value was low."  

I'm thinking this is an example of what we have been warned about so many times.  The excitement of the moment, emotions racing and the brain neurons get overloaded and your no longer calm, cool and collected and don’t assimilate information well.
 If you just want a PB or WM connection and not concerned if they know about the currency, in the past I used, "expecting an inheritance.  It's been tied up in court and I'm interviewing PB, WM to see what their bank can do for me."  Also, you can be vague and say, "there will be a closing in a month."  That terminology will have them jump to the conclusion this is property that your selling and if it is delayed, with real estate they are used to closings being delayed.   To get their attention you need to throw out an amount.  Anything about 1 - 1.5 million will work.

Then I expect he/she will want to connect you with a personal banker/wealth manager and you have the connection you desire.  Again, this worked for me and I got information.  This time it just worked out I connected with someone who has knowledge of the currency changes going on.

And the link that didnt work can now look at this one about the Iran: Iran Sanctions to be Lifted "In a Few Days" Despite Violations at: http://www.breakingisraelnews.com/58463/kerry-announces-iranian-deal-implementation-in-a-few-days-despite-bipartisan-opposition-middle-ast/#hJDLljrrusFkIrTG.99
skyward100 wrote GJHonor did you see what Dutchie put up here yesterday out of the blue.
GJHHonor wrote sky no what?
skyward100 wrote Dutchie: all I know "3 banks ready to exchange 1 suckerrate". These banks in Canada, one is in Toronto that is waiting for permission to exchange, so now apparently they are aware. I guess on standby as I see it 

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