Thursday, January 7, 2016


TNT : 

Tennwolfman :   I have some news--dont know if its good or bad, can be taken different ways--going to tell you all I know so please dont ask me any further questions or PM me cause this is it--Called in to my bank this morning and they told me my WM had left at closing time yesterday with her things in a box and said she would not be back--thats it--no more and no less

hitdoc : Tenn...did you get her fired....lol   

Tennwolfman :  hitdoc--she left on her own free will

hitdoc : Tenn...maybe she has some currency...

Tennwolfman : she did purchase currency over a yr ago

Tennwolfman :  ive had 2 wm for quite some time now--it pays to have a backup plan in motion

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