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      09:13 PM Jan 5, 2016

    Bruce: saying happy New Year to everyone! didn't think we still be here....but waitng for the blessing!
    Bruce, intel a ton of stuff is going behind the scenes....is it going to happen tonigh? that is the effort for it to go
    Bruce is saying a 24 hour clock
    Bruce: a shot gun approach
    Bruce : is saying their is a lot of effort to get this to go through, what needs to happen has happen and just a few codes that ned to be done is being done
    Bruce; rates are very good, even the Iran riel is on scenes
    Bruce: their is a lot of activity going on, even in Europe things are trying to get things done
    Bruce: even in the Italy, The Vatican talking about the gold asset back currency, he has not seen the transcript yet

                  Q and A
    Bruce caller from Hawaii, any time frame? they want to accomplish by, very soon, from what we understand what they are trying to accomplish we wont need a window!!!
    Bruce caller : saying the rates are higher than before,,,,,,,Bruce YES!!!
    Bruce caller: is the 800# is to help us get the appointments faster?   Bruce:  Everyone is going at the same time. Bruce is saying the call centers are ready to take the calls an arrange your appointments
    Bruce caller: memo went out from the US treasury to okay exchanges....
    Bruce caller: who has the green light...China is the driver, but will coordinate it with Iraq
    Bruce caller: the information you are getting is coming from those who really now what's going on...yes and some of it comes from the sources and places and indications from a very positive place
    Bruce caller: if we have a good plan, will that help us get a better rate? They want us to get in and out, you might want a 30 sec approach
    Bruce caller: has the Gazette been published yet, I think it will be an after effect
    Bruce:  They plan to do a 24 hour exchanges at the centers, it's what I am hearing
    Bruce caller: get some sleep, this would start in the morning, i would need some sleep. depends on the person,
    Bruce caller: Do you think the rates might will go up...some of the rate have been out their already...it's a good idea to go in their now. when the public goes the rate might be going down...that's me you do what you want
    Bruce:  I do believe we will get the 800#'s
    Bruce call: are they going to exchange all the Zim?  Bruce: My understanding is yes,
    Bruce caller : is asking how close are we. it should have gone already...we could be their tomorrow
    Bruce caller: asking about the prosperity packages? they should be going at the same time the exchanges are done, they are funded already
    Bruce caller: non or interest account? old days non bearing account...now put it into an interesting account. Bruce will be looking for the best possible outcome.
     Bruce saying you might want to have a cashier check to transfer funds to another bank
    Bruce is saying they will let you take at least $9,000 but you really don't want to peeling out $100 bills out in public
    Bruce is saying he doesn't want to have the black card unless your use to that kind of life already!
    Bruce call: Bruce is a saying good night to everyone


    Bruce call: Bruce: Welcome all. Year of many blessings. I am excited where we are and where we are going. Happy to have left the past behind. Starting 5th year of the Big Call.
    Bruce call: Didnt think we get this far into the new year before our blessing, but we did. It was a surprise to me to make it to the New Year without the blessing we expect and desire. It is not as far as away as some think.
    Bruce call: Bruce: Intel: The reason we are just about ready to go is the info I am getting even an hourbefore the call indicating a tons of stuff is going on behind the scenes right now
    Bruce: things are happening out there to get this done. Is it going to be done tonight or over night? the desire was there to do that. the effort is being made to effect this change we are looking for.
    Bruce: Bankers in international jurisdictions have been having calls to go through the last minute info to be ready. intention for this to go basically around the clock for exchanges to go. To have a shot gun start.
    Bruce: All the groups, have them go fairly quickly. they want it done in matter of number of days to be complete. after that the public. That is what we have said in the past. I am encouraged the effort being made to get this go through. I heard the last piece of what needs to happen to effect this is happening or has happened.
    Looking for a few details to iron out, codes to enter so forth, alot of stuff going on behind the scenes. all good for us. the rates higher than they were even days ago. the Iran riel is on scenes at a decent rate.
    Bruce: a very good rate for the Iran riel. all the rates for the currencies set and ready to go. heard some exchanges taking place since the first of the year. Some were false starts yesterday and today, put on hold, slight delay. activity out there.
    Bruce: have been some rates were lower that really consider the first mouse rate. what we are waiting for worth the wait. we will be in good shape, run the race to the end.
    Bruce: internationally heard the rates appearing in certain countries, doing those exchanges were held off. what it means is that things coming to fruitation, coming to an end. there will be some miss info, some chaos. WE know this is happening. WE also heard, night be fore last. vatican radio address went out. It discussed the concept of the GCR and the gold backed, returning to the gold standard. that was interesting. only hear say, havent seen transcript. reason to believe we are right where we need to be. I suggest to you we are close to receiving the blessing on the info we have, schedule that what us to keep.
                      Q and A
    Caller:  A window?
    Bruce: I know there is a time frame they want this accomplish by, without giving you specific dates for that. I would say the opportunity is coming right on us. We wont need a window, we will be walking through the door.
    Caller: Rates, higher than before?         Bruce: Yes.
    Caller:  800 numbers will help us get appt faster?
    Bruce: shot gun approach. all the groups, even the internet group, we will get notified the same time. All paying attention to this will be notified same time. If in groups, call centers will be open at times, so no time loss to set appts, and get exchanging right away. They are ready to exchange when they do as quickly as they are.
    Caller: I understand that there will be no zeros taken from the zim?
    Bruce: We dont know the story, we will leave that on the side, and no comment.
    Caller:  Asked about watching the markets.
    Bruce: We had a pretty good drop on the Dow yesterday. I dont know today. What the stock markets do we should pay attention to, may be an indicator. As far as a market crash, we are into a viotile 2016.
    Caller:  Asset back or fiat exchange?
    Bruce:  Yes it will be an asset back exchange
    Caller: China or Iraq doing this?
    Bruce: It is like China the driver behind the situation, they will coordinate this with Iraq. The budget complete, but needs to be put in Gazette. That needs to happen. The two will work within together. A lot of activity going on right now behind the scenes.
    Caller:  Tomorrow a great day?   Bruce:  I hope so.
    Caller:  Only a few people know when it going to happen, info from those handful of those people?
    Bruce: Some info does trickle down, yes. some info comes from sources that may not be the top ones pushing the button so to speak. We sort of piece it together from number of sources and places. Indications very positive they want this done. If they can get it all lined up as they want, it will be done.
    Caller:  I was thinking of putting some of the exchange on an international card, what do you think?
    Bruce: I think not a bad idea. I know there are some cards out there to put some currency on. I heard that is one way sort of keeping a sort of multiple currency acct. It seems like some reason why it did not appeal to me. I dont remember why, it worth taking another look at. but some reason it didnt appeal to me. Look into it carefully to see if it meets your individual needs.
    Caller: They said if we have a good plan to exchange, it would also help to build our rate better. Will it be just go in and get out?
    Bruce: I heard from 30 to 40, 50 minutes. in and out of there. not a lot of time to present alot of info. think about a 30 sec approach your desire to do humanitarian project, a pitch what it is you want to do. it might make a difference. they will look favorably on people not thinking of themselves, but use these proceeds to help mankind and animals. Prepare yourself with a 30 sec pitch how you want to help people, may help you negotiate a higher rate. not a bad idea prepare for that.
    Caller: Has the rates been published in the Gazette yet? Are we going to have a fiat or asset bank exchange?
    Bruce:  The budget we havent heard published officially yet. I think we will hear it after the fact I feel. regarding the fiat versus the asset back currency, the trns have been released and signed off on, and ready to go. I think we are looking at an asset bank exchange.
    Caller: In 24 hours to exchange after we hear this?
    Bruce: I heard 24 hour around the clock exchanges.
    Caller: say it happens 2am, exchanges in 3am?
    Bruce: I dont know that, I would say, sleep, get a full night sleep if it happens. Depends on the person. If a person gets notification, wants to set appt, off and running. I feel this would start in the morning the first day.  Highly expectant things can go anytime.
    Caller: I heard that ???? cant understand caller, taxes?
    Bruce: we cant comment on taxes. based on what we know, not a clear picture on taxes. i am not a tax attorney, cpa. i think the jury still out, clarification hopefully before the exchange takes place. i say be open to the idea if you dont have your own humanitarian project, have some proceeds to go to one.
    Caller: my nonprofit, humanitarian, good enough?
    Bruce: Yes, Iwould campaign it, if you got yours as an actual entity already established, I would desire if you have a cause, run with that if it comes up if necessary you have your own nonprofit.
    Caller: Rrates, go up later on, or should we be first mouse and not worry about 2nd or 3rd mouse?
    Bruce: Some of the rates been out already first mouse rate. when this goes, cant tell you what to do, we got emails, 800 numbers, if you in groups you are set anyways. if individual, i think go in fairly quickly. the rates i think will be high enough to take advantage of and not risk losing. when the sock drawer public, i think those rates diminish significantly. Dont want to be caught in that dilemma. Set appt and go in right away, Dont wait a week or two, now that is just me, what i would do.
    Caller:  You think we will get an 800 number?
    Bruce: Yes, for each of the banks, and the internet, once we find out what those are, we will post them on our website, if Ray puts them out, or anyone else. I think in 20 minutes they will be out in dinarland. Call and set appt with any bank you want.
    Caller:  A lot of talk this will go tonight?          Bruce: A lot of chatter, yes.
    Caller: When we wake up tomorrow, you think those 800 numbers be posted on your website if it goes?
    Bruce: Kent in middle of night if you found out about these numbers what would you do?   Kent: I think I get out of bed and post them on our site.
    Caller:  Laws in Iraq,,,,,,
    Bruce: A lot of these laws been passed for months and months. overall everything ready to go in Iraq’s perspective. Putting in the Gazette final proof Law ready to be enacted. That should happen in conjunction with the release of the GCR and RV of Iraq dinar.
    Caller:   I heard the dong had moved from a fixed rate to a flexible rate.
    Bruce: I heard that, I think that was telegraphing to us get ready for a change. I think that would be a daily update. A good sign, a language we want to hear coming out of Vietnam.
    Caller:  All these years China has had Vietnam on a short leash. Economy gone bang boosters. China holding them down.
    Bruce:  Yes, China is the backing of this increase we are looking for in Vietnam. China has kept taps on, backing and funding.
    Caller: They going to exchange all the zim? the 10, 20 trillion?
    Bruce:  My understanding all the trillion and billion notes good to go. What we dont know is the million, hundred thousand notes. 
    Caller: What I heard just the 50 and 100 trillion?    Bruce: No, no, old rumor.
    Caller:  How close are we? 
    Bruce: should have been done last few days. best attempts to get it done right away. could be there tomorrow, we will see.
    Caller:  Isee a lot of bank stories, i go to my bank and ask same questions, they dont know.
    Bruce: some bank stories interesting. none of them I heard come through, they have delayed to exchange, all in good shape, not missed anything. just in a delay mode until they get the green light to go.
    Caller: prosperity packages?
    Bruce: We thought they were being delivered as far as last weekend. recently we heard the prosperity packages go out same time the green light for the currency exchanges. the funding in place we believe.
    Caller:   non or interest bearing bank acct?
    Bruce:  In old days, theory of non interest bearing acct was that fdic insurance be limited. that ended 1012. so that was the motivation to consider it back then. now i think it makes sense to exchange in an acct but not leave it there without gaining interest right away. I not going to worry about a non bearing interest acct for me. They going to want me to leave majority in bank, that is okay with me.
    Caller: Put it in a regular acct?
    Bruce:  You might say change it into an acct and move it into proper accts that I going to need with the bank. Get it where wm will have jurisdiction over your acct, instead of every teller. no testing acct, where no can go in and see it, where only wm can see it. Plan on diversifying and moving it into different institutions.
    Bruce call: Only use the term exchange currency. I  think they will limit you to 5 to 9 thousand dollars. unless use to carrying a lot of cash, could be something get you in trouble. Dont want to be seen peeling 100 dollars out of your pocket.  Same thing with black cards. Realize this, if going to a restaurant, and you got your black card, people not use to that will ask what is that. people who know what it is, dont want that to happen. not use it in a retail establishment, unless you live in Palm Beach. If you run in the polo fields in Palm Beach, I would go for black card myself.  Put you in position to be a target, if your waiter, busboy see it, if you live in mainstreet USA maybe not wise to carry around a black card.
    Bruce: Looking forward to possibility of good news and blessing.
    Bruce: Thank you Kent, callers, Sue and Bob, We will meet Thursday night, that is our plan at this point, Hope it is a celebration call. Sleep well tonight and see what happens.


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