Wednesday, January 27, 2016

TNT :Bruce - The Big Call 1-26-16 transcribed by pinkroses and mangelo, 27 JAN

p.  Bruce call: 5 days since we last talked. a lot going on, a lo  happening behind scenes
m.  Bruce call: lot of things have been going on since we last talked
p.  Bruce:  opening call with prayer
m.  Bruce call: opening prayer
p,  Bruce call: Bruce: Kent and Bob online tonight. Kent teaching lesson now
m. Bruce call: Kent giving lesson
p,  Bruce call: Bruce: Did I think we be here today without celebration call tonight? NO we have to put celebration call off abit. Hopefully not much longer. what we here now is major funds are moving for humanitarian projects.
m.  Bruce call: I didn't think we would be here with out a celebration call tonight! their is major funds are moving
p.  Bruce: certain vehicles moving in place to board them to hand out humanitarian packages to distribute throughout the country.
m.  Bruce call: GCr is being put on TV screens in Singapore
p.  Bruce: The GCR is being put out on the TV screen in Singapore. I know some very high financial transaction taking place between certain parties using corresponding banks using some of these Asian banks. Some whales going in getting paid yesterday and today, appts tomorrow as well for exchange, not getting skr, but funds.
m.  Bruce: contacts, such has whales are getting funds not SKR's today and tomorrow
p.  Bruce: everything out west is complete and ready to get started. certain groups have gone, some in process now. I think it is alll around us. when we get to begin to get emails, 800? i feel this week. I feel we are ready to start.
m.  Bruce call: feels we are very close to get started but very surprise that we didn't start already
m.  Bruce call: everything is done, don't know if the fact that Washington was close or not and any effect on this
p.  Bruce: cant give actually start date. I was very surprised we didn't have it to start with today. doesn't mean we are not right there. things we been waiting for, from what I been hearing, hate to say done, apparently everything is complete. I don't know if the snow shutting down DC was a factor. crucial situation or not to be open, apparently we did get slow down a bit. 5,000 tier 1 and tier 2 banks and bank centers codes been passed on, everything that point of view.
m.  Bruce call: it could come suddenly and stay patient and know that it is very close.....almost at any moment
p.  Bruce: Everything moving along, ready for this to begin. We will see when it occurs, we don't know. maybe come suddenly, maybe when we least expect it. stay patient like you been. know it very close, right there. information we are getting pointing to occur almost any moment. keep with that.
p.  Bruce; Intel over
m.  Bruce call: now introduces his guest speaker Bob on Health
 ~~~~~Additional intel~~~~~
p.  Bruce: you want to get, in my situation ask for a cashier check, ask the the wm, use that money when I get home to pay bills
m.  Bruce: question on exchange, to pay off your bills, Bruce is going to ask for a cashiers checks and deposit it into my bank and then make payments
p.  Bruce caller: a friend received 100 million zim instead of 100 trillion, should he return them?
p.  Bruce: all should be all worth the same amount
p.  Bruce call: Caller: where are we?
p.  Bruce: It is all around us, the GCR is showing on the TV screens across the world, in Singapore. Looks like everything looks for us any day now. we are in good shape
p.  Bruce: send an email to ministry at big call.net. Kent will get it and send it to me. put a phone number on it for those who need a phone call.
 p.  Bruce: we look forward to a great call on Thursday. Good night

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