Monday, January 4, 2016


*) Morning Coffee with Mac 9:02am EST 01/04/16

(Terry K is out of pocket)
mac: Good morning GET room how were your New Years celebration
jannilew: Hey Mac
mac: Janni! Good morning dear, how are you!
arizona49: mac Good morning, hope you had a good and relaxing weekend  Coffee?
jannilew: Oh Mac! I'm SO confused
mac: Thanks AZ.
mac: Confused about what?
jannilew: All the articles, intel, guru stuff... it's all different. I mean, nothing seems to connect to the intel we've been getting. That, and then it didn't make sense to me, either.
oilerfan: Hi Mac

mac: Oiler, good morning!
arizona49: mac is it your thought that, a lot of articles as we get closer, are by design to confuse???
mac: Janni, you understand what will happen if we or anyone for that matter could connect the dots?
mac: Before Iraq is ready?
mac: AZ we were assured of one thing, the smoke would get thicker the closer we got.
arizona49: Yes, we were

mac: I was thinking about this during our break.(And binge watched BBC's Top Gear with my boys)
oilerfan: Well if the tensions in the M.E. get any worse the price of oil will rise that is for sure
mac: OIlerfan please elaborate.
mac: BTW, TK is off to another assignment in WV. So he will be "out of pocket" until TBD

oilerfan: The fear of more fighting and threats will shake the market
arizona49: Iraq's Sistani condemns Nimr execution, Sadr organizes protests http://www.reuters.com/article/us-saudi-security-iraq-idUSKBN0UH06L20160103 Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani on Sunday condemned the execution of Shi'ite cleric Nimr al-Nimr by Saudi Arabia while another leading cleric said he was organizing demonstrations in Baghdad and the southern city of Najaf. READ IN FULL from above link

mac: OK, folks, let me see if I can encapsulate my thinking now that some were anticipating, and others were expecting an RV this week end and/or today.
jannilew: yes please 
oilerfan: let er rip

oilerfan: TSX was a joke again no change there
oilerfan: 1/4./2016 China fears regional conflict as Saudi Arabia cuts ties with Iran http://www.reuters.com/article/us-saudi-iran-china-idUSKBN0UI0QY20160104  China said on Monday it was concerned about the prospect of an intensification of conflict in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic relations with rival regional power Iran. READ IN FULL from Above Link

mac: I have said this before, we are trying to play a board game on a multi-dimensional surface. Meaning, we try focusing on one aspect of this to be "THE" key. When in reality this shift in Iraq’s value not only immediately affects them but the rest of the world as well. We have seen what happens when a country you were counting on to hold up their end, stumbles. Think Greece. Also as hard as you may try putting yourself in their place, we as westerners couldn't possibly understand the nuances of the Middle East. 

Add to that Zimbabwe, Viet Nam, Iran etc. We like the Brits like things neat and tidy. That is unrealistic. I personally have lived overseas yet know even my time in those countries were just a sample of understanding how their countries think and function. There is nothing unequivocal in this investment. Nothing. And the things that are, are just indicators not conclusions. Me, personally have tried after several years in this investment look at it more like the tides or like watching squirrels to determine how cold of a winter it will be. The squirrel gives me no indication of when winter will get here, just the type of winter we will have.
arizona49: mac very well said, thank you......I'll see you tomorrow 

jannilew: Yes, well said. So, we're still in that same good place?
mac: Relax, we know that the current financial situation in the world must change. But trying to will it to change only leaves us frustrated. We all have financial pressures on us, but these countries, including our own do not take us into consideration. They do not know us, nor does our pressures influence our Gov't to cooperate with the other countries to make this happen. We are passengers, not captains. 

This is a massive undertaking, looking at the macro and micro developments will make you cross eyed. Besides, will any of us care if it is anybody else who calls it right? No, you will be out living you new lives and no one will care after this currency changes as well as others. What we discuss here are developments, progress in the right direction. When we hear rumors of this and that, I just acknowledge it and see if it becomes a reality. Meanwhile, bills need to be paid, children need to be fed, dogs taken out. Your life is being influenced by something that will happen with or without you.

 This time God has given us is to put in practice who we want to become for Him NOW not after. Missing this time of preparation simply guarantees not reaching your full potential later. I am speaking from personal experience, folks. Life is happening now. And for those of us who have been here a hot minute can attest that it has made no difference whether we monitored this every day or stepped away to focus on the here and now as far as the changing of the RV.

mac: I say these things as plainly as I can because, tho I may not know you all personally still have love in my heart for you all. I hope it comes across as such.
mac: refill BRB

jannilew: Thanks Mac, You nailed ME. I have let my watching over this, become my main focus and put the rest of my life on back burner. You're absolutely right. I'm going back to business of living, working and having Faith.
jannilew: Well, at least that's my intention.
mac: Janni, thanks for saying that. This is meant to ENHANCE our lives not control it. Remember, "He who is faithful in little, shall be faithful in much."

jannilew: TV news is all over the down market, too.
mac: The most significant development I read came yesterday that Vietnam will now go to a float regime with their currency 3% +/- DAILY!!!!!

mac: Janni, lol
jannilew: lol
mac: Please, someone chime in my fingers are tired. lol
jannilew: I read that and must confess, I'm not sure what that means. It's good?
jannilew: Sorry bout your fingers. 
mac: Vietnams' currency is moving. That is substantial progress for them.

mac: Before Christmas, Zimbabwe was going to pay bonuses in ZIM. They are trying to wean themselves off the dollar in spite of having a deplorable exchange rate. Progress.
mac: Asia cell implemented the ZAIN network, allowing Iraqis to pay bills or send money anywhere in the world. Progress
mac: President Musam signed off on the 2016 budget before his deadline

mac: The 2016 budget is posted and in English. Progress
mac: Ramadi is done, Fallujah is in progress, Mosul operations will start shortly, again progress.
mac: We have come a long way in the past three weeks or so.
mac: Those looking for the switch either missed it or did not care.
mac: These are the significant things folks as boring as they may be.

jannilew: Thank you Mac, your words are like salve to me.
jannilew: I think everyone else is napping now (?)
mac: Ok, all, been procrastinating on the Tahoe. sub 20 temperatures weren't much of a motivator either. Gotta go finish what I started. Be blessed for you are, be aware of how God develops us today, if we are willing.

mac: Janni, if my diatribe helped just you, it is worth it.
mac: Keep your eyes on the immovable God. He alone is trustworthy and worthy of our trust.
wushock92: Amen!

wushock92:You really need to get a heater in that shop.
mac: Can't heat up concrete. I think you can catch my drivel in the forums after it posts.
wushock92: Take care and Peace be with you
mac: You too. See you tomorrow, all of you.

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