Tuesday, January 5, 2016

RV Already: Another WF Bank Story, 5 JAN

RV Already:   Another WF Bank Story
My last banker, who is the second in a chain of WF bankers that was cool with the RV idea, had to leave and move away, for health reasons, with no notice to me.  I was steered to another person, by phone, whose name I did not recognize.  

I was extremely apprehensive, as I have gotten the "it's a scam" treatment from more than one person and branch of WF.
When I arrived, however, I was greeted by a familiar face.  As I described the situation, he explained that he had been trained by the same manager I used to know, who had also trained my previous banker.  The new guy had no previous knowledge of IQD, Dong, Rupiah, or the RV/GCR.
 However, he was totally receptive.  He contacted the currency division of WF, and was told the rates (all .00XXXX or .000XXXX).  (Basically, about what I had paid for them.)  

He  asked about investing himself, and I told him that I had purchased everything from Sterling, but that they were closed.  He said he would look around.  He had heard the name Sterling from other clients.

In any case, we walked through the exchange process in general, and he promised that the bank would take very good care of me when the time came.  This was a great relief, after having to explain this to 3 different people over the last several years, and given the cold shoulder by a couple of people who couldn't think outside the company box.

I am truly grateful for the original branch manager, who could think beyond the WF strictures, and whose training of those under him is still paying dividends for WF, years after he left the company.

For explanation, this took place about 12/30/15, in Virginia.  That is all the detail I'm giving, but it should serve as another example that WF is loosening up a bit with respect to the RV/GCR.

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