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EXTRA-ROUGH NOTES FROM FRANK CC - 28th OCT - Australia by r601a, 28 JAN

    • r601a said
      11:03 PM Oct 27, 2014

    As accurate as I could make them - but accuracy not guaranteed.
    Start of intel call ..
    IQD Intel

    We hope this will be our last call.
    Don't look for the rate - we know the rate - look for an event - close to the 26th.
    Ladies found something important - and have been congratulated the I-Team
    Don't worry about the ISX.
    It did open
    - and something very important happened yesterday 26th.
    I was wrong about saying Maliki was going to be the new PM.
    We are now disbanding out intel Teams.
    Everyone is say
    ing that USA stopped the RV - why - when they are desperate for it?
    The USA has still not established the relevant tax laws for this event.

    Frank discussing precautions when money is finally here - wealth management issues.
    Frank is worried about US banks and IRS - IRS seizing bank accounts - because deposits made less than $10,000!
    Caution of Safety Deposit Boxes - these can also be seized - simply on suspicion .
    Life is important - life itself is beyond money.

    Is the IRS international?
    Yes. Now on NASDAQ X-Stream platform.
    But it's being kept as quiet as they can make it. There's more, but it's being kept invisible.
    As soon as the CBI gives the international rate it will instantly go live internationally.
    Sunday was the clincher for the event of the RV.
    Article 8 qualifying.
    They have announced that they can now interact with international customers.
    This international event is getting ready to give us a rate.
    I believe RV is now in an algorithm - world banks are now interfacing with ISX - integration will take time.
    Yesterday it started.
    Check out the exchange activity yesterday - MASSIVE increase in trades - smallest exchange in the world is now suddenly VERY important.

    My Ladies
    Phones are blowing up right now. My lady has bad throat - hardly able to speak.

    All financial institutions are not interested in the exchange rate - they are interested in a mathematical constant to create exchange rate for ALL currencies. Basis for new Qi cards and all transactions. Mathematical relationship is vital to entire process. Ties currencies to SDRs.
    ISX cannot settle international business because it does not have this constant.
    ISX is just a pawn - is waiting for the release of this constant.
    We are witnessing this in real time.
    There is a new reality - will blind-side many intelligent people - IMF has been working on SDR model for many years.
    4 -5 major currencies will create SDR for any given currency - not just of the value of the IQD, but this is a major - we are witnessing the new way currencies will be valued going forward.
    It all begins with the IQD as the primary currency - the IQD is clean - NO DEBT!!!!!!
    Being used as the starting point for the new world currency model.
    Be concerned about the value of the IQD against the SDR - DO NOT EXCHANGE A REAL CURRENCY FOR A DINOSAUR!
    Don't trade in your IQD for a currency which has MUCH LESS VALUE OVER TIME. (Inferring to be careful of the USD)

    Doing business debt free is not good business. But when leverage turns into debt then things go wrong - have to work so hard just to pay their long-term obligations.
    The same reality exists with currency. USD in in deep trouble with long-term leveraged debt - so be careful.
    This model will be a reality VERY SOON - this is able to be seen publicly.
    Every major stock exchange runs x-stream - so why would the smallest exchange in the world - the ISX - run X-Stream - SO WHY DOES NASDAQ WANT THE ISX???
    ISX is about to become a vital part of the system!!!!

    CBI has siad is ready to go.
    All Iraq banks are ready.
    Iraq banks are opening internationally.
    International banks are opening inside Iraq.

    New version of the Law Library - new Gazette - in Iraq.
    Setting up a whole new system in Iraq - under cover.
    Laws completed.
    ISX by law has to settle in Dinar - ALL BUSINESS IN IRAQ MUST SETTLE IN IQD !!!!
    CBI is completely independent of any world Government - are NOT dependent on Iraq or America.

    Be careful what you say.

    CBI is pushing this out - in a pattern - day begins in Australia - but these don't count, because they're too small - then Tokyo and Hong Kong - then London and USA - will flow in the pattern.
    Will happen quickly.
    Algorithm is already done.
    I'd say that we're VERY, VERY close now - in the month of October.

    My Lady
    We are at a place right now we've never been before.

    Do you think the two biggest bond issuers in the world would have any reason to be talking to Kurdistan - if it wasn't a specific currency - the new basic currency.

    We want to tell you something - but we can't.

    We can't talk in detail - but we have GOOD information - about all aspects of this event.
    Great information today.
    Iraq TV - ISIS getting defeated in Iraq. Liberating many areas - driving out ISIS. Disappearing from Iraq.
    CBI articles - talk about deletion of three zeros - article being printed are NOT FACTUAL. Removing old note will increase vale - over 4-5 years.  1,000% confident many articles are wrong. 40 trillion dinars in circulation is nonsense. Absolutely false. Maybe less than 5 trillion probable.
    CBI is only liable for 10% of this as hard currency.
    CBI has requested any notes - even damaged ones - must now be accepted by banks.
    LDs will be introduced very soon.
    X-Stream now implemented ready to trade internationally. Can not trade until permission given by CBI with new rate.
    We are super close to the RV.

    We can share our excitement - but not the details - algorithm now in circulation to allow all countries to allow them to start trading with the IQD.
    But no announcements - no fanfare.

    I-Team Report.
    Problems with Maliki?
    Budget problems?
    Everything is still the same - they can not tell us more - everything is there we just do not know how to interpret what you see.

    They have not done this sooner because they were not ready.
    Profoundly complex - much to do.
    Now appear to be ready.
    Numbers not yet into system - they are waiting for something.
    Iraq Gov has little money - CBI has the money - not the Gov. Only way this can be corrected is to increase the rate.
    Rate MUST be a rational rate - not a nonsense rate.
    Iraq did not pay a penny for the X-Stream platform - was paid for by others because many will make lots out of this change.

    We believe we will see this BEFORE the 31st - but if we don't then hang in there - because IT WILL HAPPEN

    Final statements.
    Take note of the new law library buried deep in the CBI - Iraq now saying "we are done".
    Thanks to all - let's see what happens in the next 24 hours.

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