Sunday, January 3, 2016



platinumrunway wrote Good morning everyone!!!!
Tennwolfman wrote Good morning everyone--hugs
      Tennwolfman wrote Good morning RAYREN--you are lucky this morning cause wolfy will not be calling in lol lol
Tennwolfman wrote btw--My niece Terry is back home and doing a lot better now--ty for all your prayers for her
platinumrunway wrote So has everyone done their pre bank prep and checks?
      platinumrunway wrote Honestly guys start going over your plans....the pot is boiling over
      platinumrunway wrote This is not a drill ok, so dont get tunnel vision assuming it is.

Tennwolfman wrote I am looking for something great to happen sometime tomorrow
      Tennwolfman wrote Bank closed with lots of cars in parking lot along side of the building
platinumrunway wrote That is not the only branch with appointments tomorrow.

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