Sunday, January 10, 2016


S3A : 

OldSchool:  Guys I have not put out anything for a long time . I had hoped to fade into the sunset never to talk about dinar again . The truth is no matter how bad we want it or how close people think we are . We are not quite there yet .

What I am hearing is 3 weeks at soonest end of February latest . It's all power plays and none of them work out to our timing . I know a lot of people are hurting and it is to bad that greed runs this world .

There are whales swimming across the ocean for a sucker rate deal .

My take on that is it will draw in over 2.5 million notes out of circulation . And it should help increase demand and value . Every one want to give an exact date but the truth is nobody knows we all have pieces . It is rolling out just slower then anyone expected.

I said along time ago it was going to be a slow rollout . It was way slower then even I expected .

Things are moving but don't be looking for it the next couple weeks . You have better chances winning the lottery!! Just hang on a little longer we are almost there .

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