Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Just a little bit of advice when going in to talk to a Wealth Manager or Private Banker and talking to him or her on the phone.
Mr. Billy Bob Banker,

I appreciate you taking my call.  I am looking at an inheritance coming my way.   I would really like to work on establishing and developing a good relationship with your bank.   I know I need some assistance with solid investments and structural planning. Is there a good time when we can get together?

    I think if you go in and say I need help with Trusts, Charitable Foundational Planning etc., it sounds like you already know what you need.    I would be more "coy" at this point you are in a "dance" you are trying to get to know them it is a "dating" process and I think you need to remain somewhat of a mystery.   I am  firm believer in not showing my whole hand.   

    Sort of like practicing law - you never want to draw out the sword if you can rattle it a little so folks know it is there that is better.  Same thing here - and I think it gives the Wealth manager a more sophisticated look of who you are.  You are not being pretentious.  it is like a negotiation, you want to give as little away as possible and there is an old rule in negotiation, "first one talks loses". So be polite, courteous, be mysterious.   As wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove.  Don't tell everything you know.   Hold back. 
As always with kindest warmest regards,
Mother, Esq.

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