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GolfK:  I finally met one of the brokers on the floor who's a fellow Dinarian.

When I mentioned it to him he got so excited he went off about how the other guys won't listen to him and how " IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT IT'S JUST GONNA CHANGE!"

Sounds familiar huh. I was cracking up it was hilarious. He said they won't realize until we're gone.

I just agreed. Its an amazing roller coaster journey this investment has been.

Ewtohan:  Family .. Every time the price of oil goes up or down they have to find new math for that equation for the budget ..so at this point they could tell us each week they have to get new math. IMO. In my opinion that's why I think it's not in the Gazette. It will just sit on the shelf !!!! like the elf on the shelf at Christmas time that moves around the house. IMO


Frank26:  FAMILY ........... Of Course they have until June but with the Evidence before them and You ............ Where is the logic in being so emotional in assuming the worst.

If the Holy Spirit lead You to this investment ........... Allow it to show You out if needed.
We gave the Correct Information tonight ......... I do not see the duration as some are.
Yet I respect and pray for their Spiritual Direction .......... Decisions.

As for I ............. Will Stand my Ground.

Be Strong KTFA FAMILY .......... Then Learn to be Stronger in the End .............. Times.

KTFA  Frank


Jorge793:  Folks I have some questions that I hope do not seem stupid but they have been stuck in my mind since last night and I am confused.

The fiscal year in the USA starts in October. The regular calendar year in the world starts in January correct? What type of yearly calendar has June in it's first quarter?

The reason I ask this is because of what Frank stated to us last night about the IMF document saying that Iraq has until the end of the first quarter. I have the info in my notes from when it was first stated on the conference call but I had assumed that March would be the end of the first quarter we were looking for.

Second....IN chat a couple of days ago Frank stated the following:

OK ............ When the IMF gave DRS the GREEN LIGHT to LIFT THE THREE ZEROS on MARCH of 2015 ........... How long was that TIME FRAME valid for ?

BTW ............. One Year........... IOO. (In Our Opinion)

This just brings me back to complete confusion. March or June? Both bits of info coming from the IMF but the more I try to understand, the more I become confused.

Third....last week Frank stated on the CC that the USA and the UK had been at the UN trying to have sanctions implemented against Iraq for not having the RV implemented on 1/1/2016. If this document was released in December that would mean that the UK and the USA were aware of this information too. So why would the USA and UK want these sanctions?

Are they trying to put more unnecessary problems into the equation and slow things down even more?

Any help in understanding these bits of info would be greatly appreciated.


Jrl353:  I hope I’m not speaking out-of-turn .. .. but in my opinion, the main reason that Frank Always states “No Date”, and “No Rate” at KTFA, is because we study events globally, and in Iraq .. .. we all can see the impressive progress being made, but when “dates” are given, kindly realize that it’s not an etched-in-stone date .. ..

We are dealing with a very speculative investment, AND we’re dealing with a culture that doesn’t put the same emphasis on meeting deadlines of any kind (like we do here in the USA) ..

I am extremely grateful for the information that Frank, his teams, and the KTFA family in-general bring to us .. ..

Confusion is understandable, IF you allow yourself to get hung-up on dates . … In my opinion, Iraq likely feels that there is NO deadline for them to meet, regarding completion of any of these reforms .. .. my guess is, that Iraq will see these reforms to completion, when, and only when, they are satisfied that the timing is right (including proper security, eliminate corruption, higher oil prices, etc)

In my opinion, we need to be concentrating on what Iraq is accomplishing, changing, and improving, instead of trying to understand why dates and/or times slide forward or backward


Walkingstick:  Official Gazette published the parliament's decision to support his reforms and amend the investment law

/1/14 13:42 • [Baghdad-where]

the official Iraqi facts newspaper published a number of laws, decisions, regulations, instructions and decrees, approved by the House of Representatives and endorsed by the Presidency of the Republic.

The general director of the Iraqi facts circle Muhannad Zebra in a statement to Osalh of Justice that "the salient features of the new issue [4393] property installed in farmland excluded and orchards of acts of settlement No. 49 of the 2006 Law."

He added Zebra also published in the newspaper "the Second Amendment Act Investment Law No. 13 of 2016

"." The number included Resolution No. 55 of 2015 and private support of the House of Representatives and the support for the package of parliamentary reforms, in addition to a number of decisions, "pointing out that" the most important statement number of instructions, is to organize the work of the Board of Directors' Meeting High Authority for the Hajj and Umrah No. 1 of 2015 ".anthy

http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news ... ryid=27115

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