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From Martha …. God's plan : Are we ready?, 26 JAN

From Martha …. God's plan : Are we ready?

For the last 3 years, like others, in Dinarland I have come to realize that there is so much more to what should have been a simple financial transaction.

We all had our reasons for doing this, but along the way something happen to a great number of us:

WE HAD AN AWAKENING. An awakening that has evolved and spread through Dinarland.
Does this have anything to do with our religious beliefs: not really except a belief in a higher power might help.

Does it have anything to do with race? No since we are truly a melting pot of "color" and international ethnicity.

But why us to carry out a plan that is finally coming together?  I can't really answer that. But the plan is about to show itself to ALL the world and we will be the ones "chosen" to go forth to not only help financially but to be part of the solution of being a "lightworker" a term I have come to understand and grasp it's true meaning.

I believe we are now in the true roll-out of God's plan. We can go back to 2012 and come forward to 2014-2015 which was the perfect year to implement the plan. With the alignment of planets, dates, numbers and even prophecies, the number "7" year did not happen.

Now we enter another Gregorian year 2016, a year of 9 a completion number and the month of January that is also 9 but 8's,7's and 5's.

January 20th thru February 20th is the sign of Aquarius which ushers in an age of great things: a golden age of Aquarius which is called a new age that started in 2012.

Go back thru 2015 and realize that what should have been, was detoured with roadblocks and just outright crazy. There was enough false flags, game playing, world unrest, sanctions, financial scandals that we could hardly keep up.

Is this year going to truly be the end of centuries of pure chaos?

We are still in the Jubilee year till mid year.The Shemitah has come and gone. The attempts were made to full fill this prophecy but are we about to see the backlash effect?

The GCR  IMO is at the peak breaking point. The baskets of currency have to be released asap .

We need to look at the BRICS Alliance and the Dragon family. This "dynamic duo" (with some Hugh help from above) had a plan that went back for thousands of years that came to fruition since 2012.

The plan was initiated, of course by those who saw how we have been destroying not just our planet, but destroying ourselves in the process by dominance and greed and the need for total control.

Thus the first step was a coordinated plan of breaking down the current world financial venue at the same time helping to remove the shackles that have been in place.
The overall intent was to create an equality in the world; an alignment but also a return to a gold standard for all to share.

I'm not going into religious beliefs but there has been in the last year's a lot of prophecy involved.

Every religion has some book of Revelation including Islam and Judaism(Kabbalah). Will these prophecies continue or will be "rescued" in a sense by those changes being implemented as we speak.

I realize this has been a taboo subject in the rooms but so far, I see things have been tempered.

The Shemitah has come and gone, but will there be one more attempt to break the "bank", a final shake up to totally destroy fiat currency as well as the markets and all the "pyramids" that go with it?

Let's skip to today

1/26/2016.Let us say we are in a very tight time frame for completion and "birth" of a new world

January 20th is/was the start again of a plan for all these great things to happen. There is still a very well defined sequence of events to come but the most important is the RV which is needed now.

We were scheduled for 1/20 but due to some people messing with codes and letting bankers move money, a bit of policing and housekeeping was necessary.

Iraq is more than ready. They had asked for 72 hr window which ended ,I believe last night. We know the rate and we know that Iran at least has RI'd.

We all need to realize that China is totally in the driver's seat. China and Russia are the solution, not the enemy.

China is covering the funds for "our RV”. The Sovereigns are paid first, which we hear has  already been done and now the "privates" which we are all part of at this time. The true public will come after.

Now here is a little history regarding the USA.

I'm not going to do another long lesson… but I suggest that all start realizing that people like Mike Cottrell, Leo Wanta, and Neil Keenan are part of the solution and the plan as it unfolds.
I will say that a major cleanup in our government is about to be revealed to all.

IMO We are entering a major time of disclosures and arrests.

Last night was the second episode of the X Files and believe me what was shown is not just fantasy- there is more to come!

There is a strong wind blowing over Washington DC and New York City. Washington is still closed till today, but govt. has scattered except for the Senate which restarts today.

There is another "blizzard" scheduled (oops, did I mean predicted?) for this coming weekend.

As Rayren says "I report, you decide"

Another final synopsis-1/22 was the 9th month of official RV, but are we looking at a Feb 1st "RV "? The UN rates post 1/28, the 29th money moves in middle east which now seems redundant and then a weekend with 2/1 on a Monday.



Here are a few points from the x-files show. Thanks Martha


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