Monday, January 11, 2016


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The parliament’s economic and investment commission member Ahmed Kanani on Sunday, close to activate the “electronic collection” to supplement the financial budget for the current year deficit.
He said / scales News /, “The Economic Commission made proposals to improve the collection of funds through an electronic system to supplement the budget,” noting that “the collection of money from the service departments, services tax and fees account for about 16% of the financial revenue of the country.”
A member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament said “The electronic collection reduces corruption and raise the income of the budget to 32%,” explaining that “the electronic collection will prepare another source alongside oil to support the country’s economy.”
This “stressed parliament member Ahmed Kanani / scales News /, on Sunday, that the domestic industry accounted for only 4% compared to import from abroad, noting that Iraq needs long time to refurbish industry”.
Central bank: The financial situation is done
Said the Iraqi Central Bank on Saturday to address the financial situation in the country would only be done through the promotion of sectors “real”, as he emphasized that the bank’s board is the only body authorized according to the law determining the dinar exchange rate.
The bank said in a statement: “direction Press” received a copy of it, that “address the financial situation must be conducted through the promotion of real sectors,” noting that “the Bank initiative to provide loans for the promotion of these sectors was a signal and an incentive for the promotion of these sectors.”
The statement emphasized that “the bank’s board is the only body authorized according to the law determining the dinar exchange rate and every statement in this regard does not issue him is confusion and confusion to the market.”
The prime minister Haider al-Abadi stressed, first on Thursday, that the collapse of world oil prices would be a “force” for Iraq and the “benefit” of stimulating positive, as called for activating the single window in the investment, expressed regret for the decline in palm cultivation in Iraq.
Parliament has been on recess since Dec 16th. This week they told us that parliament will discuss and vote on many important laws in the coming session after the legislation recess ends on Jan 19th, including the General Amnesty law, the law on the Prohibition of the Baath Party and the Federal Court Act. Article quote: “Baghdad Legal Committee of Parliament announced the completion of most of the laws entrusted to it through the chapters legislatures past.” Iraq is really under pressure to complete all of these remaining important laws. …this is very good news and we all should be very excited.

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