Friday, January 8, 2016


BRUCE CC, INTEL ONLY..... PLAYBACK: (605) 562-3198, 123456# 

ploganea wrote Bruce: Supposed to have gone on Jan 1st. But didn't. We think it is here almost every night but things come up to put if off a little. That is why we keep hearing soon and then doesn't happen. Tomorrow is the 8th, China likes 8. 8 is the beginning.
Bruce: Why is China's market sliding? He thinks that China may be getting back at certain people. He thinks that will continue tonight.

Bruce: If currency get's devalued, say 7%, they will not stop the slide. That is what he heard. China's dive goes to Europe and then US markets.
Bruce: Market adjustments are happening for a reason. Maybe they have to get to a certain point. Tomorrow will be interesting. Maybe a precipitous slide. We were off track for a day but we are back on track. Iraq budget has been published in the gazette. Laws there.
Bruce: Believes that all Iraq needs to do is make the announcement. Is IMF hold them off? He has heard may be asked to hold off until Sat. He heard that the announcement will be Sat and the RV next.  Is there a hold up or things that needed to be done. Certain people have been sequestered in the last few days. Bruce beleives that everyone who needs to be sequestered has and that is why it didn't go right away.

Bruce: Key cards were not completely working because of computer chips in the Qi cards. So today they have compensated for that problem by issuing 50 and 100 coins that are out and being used.
Bruce: Coins will be used in addition to cards until RV. He has heard that from boots on the ground. The 50,000 dinar note is out as are LD and freely used. So everything inside of Iraq has been done except the international announcement making Iraq a truly international trading partner. That announcement should be the trigger to go.

Bruce: Some people are telling him RV should be announced tomorrow while some say Saturday. Groups are getting ready. Still moving forward. Everything on track. We could be there very shortly.
Bruce: First heard that bond funding was there but not pay it out until RV goes.
Bruce: they are trying to start the humanitarian and PP and RV all at the same time instead of one after the other.

Bruce: Has heard specific funding to be released but we are waiting.
Bruce: Thanks audience for understanding and stopping the hate mail. His goal is to share info. It might be tomorrow or the weekend but it could be later. Most sources say by this weekend. Bruce tries to discern the truth. China is trying to get this done.
Bruce: Can't talk about rates. Iranian rial is on the screen but exchange can't be completed at this time. Software is in place but they are in the process of re-sequencing/synchronizing rates and financial institutions all over the world. That is what they are doing now.

Caller: Haven't mentioned expiration on Zim. Bruce: Last heard will have 21 days after the RV to exchange. Doesn't expect anyone to wait 3 weeks to exchange. Get in and exchange. They want this done. This helps Zimbabwe. Puts them on the map and levels the playing field for them.

This is what will happen. 7 states with no WF. When it happens, get the closest exchange center to you. If you are going to do something with WF and aren't in a group, don't worry, you will call in with zip code. Don't worry about this.

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