Thursday, January 7, 2016


karmaking wrote A close relative of mine went to a Chase bank this morning and asked the manager specifically if he could exchange his currencies here when they revalue. The manager said YES. He asked what the rates would be when they revalue (again, very specifically.)

 The manager said let's go take a look at the screens. Asked him what currency he had. (He just told him about the dong he has.) Says two and a half million dong. The manager said, "well right now it's only worth about $90." He asks again, what about when it revalues? The manager said, "Well you wouldn't be able to walk out of here with a million dollars, but I could write you a cashier's check." 

So there's a story of a bank manager not only acknowledging a revalue in currencies, but that it would equate to millions of dollars when it happens. (in KY)

 We're all going to be rich, my friends.

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