Saturday, December 26, 2015


    • Debra said
      07:47 AM Dec 26, 2015
    I just read about Zim and Chinese yuan.  Is it only rumor or not that Zimbabwe is adopting the Chinese yuan as its currency now?  If so, how long do we have before our Zim is no longer able to be exchanged?  Thanks.
    • Globug said
      08:51 AM Dec 26, 2015
    Good question. There have been articles stating that Zimbabwe and China signed agreements so that Zimbabwe would begin using yuan as an acceptable currency in their country. Because of that, China forgave them 40 million dollars of debt. But I, too, am wondering about the zim after 12/31/15.
    • CaliCOGIC said
      10:15 AM Dec 26, 2015
    I thought the ZIM dollar was shut down back in sept when they got rid of it. I'm just not understanding how people can claim there are rates and people are exchanging a currency that's been shut down. It just doesn't make sense.
    • Spartyville said
      10:18 AM Dec 26, 2015
    Cali....thats because it was someones opinion......most gurus intel is really that one gurus opinion
    • CaliCOGIC said
      10:21 AM Dec 26, 2015
    Sparty. I agree which is why my better judgement says the ZIM is dead. I have very little because my mind said if this don't happen I can't sell it back like the IQD or VND. Way too high risk for me.
    • fireball92 said
      10:41 AM Dec 26, 2015
    On Wednesday, Christmas Eve, I heard on ‘another’ call that the $Zim is and has been defunct and never was to RV. I certainly hope that person is wrong as after the Sterling reserve debacle, my Plan became to broadly diversify, including holding ZIM.

    BUT I never really bought the idea of the Zim revaluing to 21, 27, 37 or 50+ cents. It just seems implausible even IF Zimbabwe has massive diamond, gold and silver oil and a great infrastructure along with plus a good export base (they do not), those numbers, I believe are a pipe dream.

    We are very excited to expect a $4+ value for the IQD and $.50+ for the VND etc. and when the expectation for the Zim was $.03 we thought it a superfantastic ROI, suddenly it was mentioned that it may be in double digits. Since that intel/rumor came around, it seems many are expecting a pie-in-the-sky ROI.

    Reflecting upon my thoughts and emotion when considering a high value RV I catch myself and need to warn myself that the human tendency of greed can be an insidious and destructive. I say insidious because most of us fail to see negative personality traits developing in ourselves until some damage is done, many of us will not admit faults until massive damage and some never see that their own faults.
    Fortunately, having spent time in the middle group and having reaped the bitter defeat that is the ultimate return of greed….

    I want to net enough ROI to carry out a couple pet PIFs and right a few things in my life along with a comfortable lifestyle. The rest, to me is being greedy. The ZIM at .03 is a fabulous ROI. If I have 8each of 100 T notes for which I paid about 20bucks each and CE for $24M, I am very good with that return????????

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