Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Highlights of the TNTDinar conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

 Pam stated that due to a 10 year old MLM case that Tony has addressed many times he is not with us today. She said, "We are moving on."
Ray:  Tony is fine.  He is feeling Super Fantastic. . . The case had nothing to do with us. With foreign currency or TNT Dinar.  It is totally separate.  The case has now taken a reach, where I feel it should not have.  

This has all been about a plan.  A man had to lead it and put his neck out.  It is a plan that surpasses any individual.  We have been working as a collaborative team ever since this came out.  We have a team of people that you all anxiously wait to hear . . . The team is still intact.  Until such time as we all have what we want or what we are looking for we will be here Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The case Tony is involved in and how it affects us:  Wiley Morgan is a person who is claiming that TNT is a scam and scamming people.  I don't know how.  They are trying to win a case and use it.  Just as they have sent erroneous information to this prosecutor and he believed it.  Wiley Morgan and his band of henchmen have sent emails to this prosecutor claiming Dinar scam.  You can send a letter to prosecutor, attorney, judge whoever you want too and let the chips fall where they may.  The truth will come to light.  We have many individuals now stepping forth and sharing they have exchanged. . . Every day that goes past more and more people are coming to the forefront.
In answer to a caller question, Pam said yes, this is part of the same group that has been harassing Tony and TNT for the last several years.
To send an email to Federal Prosecutor:  scott.rask@usdoj.gov  and/or  Tom_Bartee@fd.org
It does not have to be just about the dinar being a scam.  You can say what Tony has done for you or whatever you want to say.  For a hand written letter the address will be in the TNT Forum.
Ray:  Let the truth be told.  Let the light shine.  Make sure the people have the right information.
On TNT Forum nothing changes.  Everything continues on.  Twitter and calls continue with Ray.


Ray:  Bank contacts say they cannot see the rate but there is a lot of movement within the banking systems, moving employees around.  Like a helter skelter process going on with people being moved.  Exchanges going on.  Banks saying this week and that is from a bank memo.  Some preparing for next week.  Some folks have appointments on Monday and today.  . . being told to bring their currency with them.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Everyone has agreed to let it go but with an undisclosed time frame. . .Looking forward to a Tweet before the regular call on Friday but it moves. . . We're here, just don't know when.
IRAQ:   Lower denoms are being released in various parts of the country. Iraq contacts are saying any minute.
  • CBI  web site rate has changed. Caller said from 1164 to 1180.    
  • Canada - ZIM seems to be live there and exchangeable.   Caller:  If Dinar foundation for the currencies how can the ZIM be live in Canada.  Ray:  I don't know. . . if the bank calls and says I can exchange ZIM I will run right down.  I don't care how.  A lot of this RV/GCR stuff is supposed to be already done.  Bits and pieces coming out.  NOt saying it's full scale everywhere in Canada exchanging.  Same as in US.  Here and there people exchanging.  Someone called into OM last night saying they exchanged two months ago.
  • Rates    
  • Sterling:  Ray said the currency you paid for is your property and you can petition the court to release it.  
  • Banks:    Ray said banks who are exchanging are working from their own private databases.
  • Meet and Greets will still take place at various locations as previously planned.          
EXCHANGING:    If we don't get 800#'s be prepared with a Plan B.  Call the banks now asking about any currency, but Dinar, so they don't hang up on you.   You will make a contact and know what bank is handling foreign currency in your area.


RAY:  The team is still intact.  We were a team to begin with.  The spokesperson has changed.  You will still hear what you've been hearing and receive what you have been receiving.  If there is a need to do it before Friday we will do that.  Nothing has changed for you.  Everything stays the same.  Tweets go out the same.  Site is still rolling.  Everything stays the same.  
PAM:  Want to Thank You for stepping up and leading the charge forward so we can continue to move forward.  Ask everyone to do as Tony has always done and that is "take the high road."  Non-mmebers can access at TNT dinar.com and in the forum in the blast section.
RAY:  No matter what you hear . . . read ask two questions.  One       Two      Whatever someone is throwing out there, allegations, the whole 9 yards, ask what does it have to do with what your trying to do, and the currency?
As far as when am I going to see it Wednesday there is no telling.  I can wait it out.  How about you?  If we need to we will be back on Friday.

I have to go to a dental appointment and will update for accuracy the closing statements in a couple of hours.
Per a mod's request to consider the courts  I have only used Ray's name in all titles, etc.
I know Tony will be in your prayers as he is in mine.  VEGAS!    VEGAS!    VEGAS!

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