Saturday, December 12, 2015


Hey guys,

I've been misquoting some timelines I've heard so want to set things straight

1 - The FED is meeting on Tuesday, Dec 15th thru Wednesday Dec 16th. If they are going to raise rates they will announce on the 16th, probably in the afternoon, not the 15th as I have been saying. If we have already RV'd there won't be a rise in interest rates.

2 - If the market hasn't already tanked (due to no RV), the 670 Billion in Stock Market Put Options will go in a big rush Friday Afternoon, the 19th. After that it will be every man for himself.

3 - The RV over this weekend will solve many, many world class problems. No market crash. No rise in interest rates. And of course, we get to go to the banks.

4- For those of you interested in Fiat vs. Asset back exchange, I believe we will go Fiat to Fiat with a quick move by the Chinese to take it asset backed.

5 - I am not an adviser, but what I plan to do, either way, is to park my money into next year, waiting for the dust to settle. I won't get into the markets, not yet. I have immediate concerns (like loosing a home or car, tax leins, health expense) and I will take care of them, but I will hold off on big purchases until the currencies reach parity when all are asset backed.

Sorry for the confusion. Hope this helps


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