Tuesday, December 22, 2015


TennWolfMan: Ok, I just received a phone call from a real good source of mine saying the trading platforms will be shutting down no later than the 24th until after the first of the year–
That means the rv could happen that night around midnight until in the morning some time–dont know when–no one knows but it is a great tidbit of news indeed….
This excites me tremendously
Please just remember Im not calling the RV Im just saying with the trading platforms closing it is looking good for us…. one of the trade people was the one that called me
KKitty:  trading platforms close down would mean that stock markets cant be betting on trades and making money on the RV ocurring is my guess
DriftCurrent:  Tenn it would be a perfect time for the GCR it would prevent whales from double dipping
Sivada:  Tenn is correct, my friends platform will be shut down until after Jan1st they trade foreign currency
Hijack:  I have friends that are involved with bank trades and platform trading and they always shut down trading around the 23d or 24th until the first of the year for the holidays.
Sundancer:  Sounds like the ptb want to sneak it in under the radar, that is good for us
Dillionaire:  A trading platform is the software that allows investors and traders to place trades and monitor accounts. Oftentimes, trading platforms will incorporate market analysis software as well, whereby traders and investors can chart the markets and perform stock screens.
JimBake:  Some platforms are “upper level” access only…other platforms draw from these and are used by traders using exchanges etc…it could be the upper level forex platforms will be adjusting over the weekend while forex is idle…would not be visible til forex reopens etc…just thinkin out loud
Abufarn:  A perfect time would be around a major holiday when people are distracted.
Fishkissed:  TWolfy…can you please help me understand? Why would the platforms shutting down for the holidays equate to an RV tomorrow?
OleSailor:  fish they won’t be there to drive the value of the currency up……. fish if the market price is not going up for the 5 or 6 million of us then when they do come back and drive the prices up, the big boys will be the ones getting the cheese factory
MountainMole:  Trading platforms shut down every year around this time. It’s those platforms and those involved with them that have done everything they could to keep them producing. With them not functioning could be what we all need. GCR will change the playing fields of the platforms. The RV should be the trigger of the GCR. IMO

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