Sunday, December 20, 2015

TNT :Tennwolfman and platinumrunway Dec 20th 2015 between 7.am and am by GJHHONOR, 20 DEC

24m ago
A lot of this wait is due to the fact people in power with 
money were putting themselves and others in place so 
they could continue their hidden agendas. With a somewhat 
level playing field their agenda has to change somewhat
22m ago
No fact look around you signs all around. Money 
was taken out of Education, but we build more jails, 
schools closing, military got a surplus recently, but 
constant budget cuts in humanitarian programs
23m ago
the ptb have painted themselves into a corner—
from now own any which way they go they will 
leave ugly tracks and will be traceable to the seeing eyes
20m ago
Even in some cities the cost of living continues
 to rise, minimum wage stayed the same.

20m ago
This RV is going to mean something to all of us, 
a better quality of life, and money to keep in 
our familys generations.
18m ago
So i take it very personal when someone says we 
dont deserve this. The ones that have it have 
helped noone but themselves
14m ago
We have been educated on how the system really 
works, little by little now we can impact it slowly
14m ago
TNT has been a great tool, now lets make 
a difference please everyone.
13m ago
back in for a minute--our time of making a huge 
difference is closer than most think because my WM 
said they were going to be in the bank all day today 
and fully staffed and on high alert and ready
11m ago
Oh its coming guys just be ready....well off to 
church take care everyone
12m ago
Plat and myself have received almost exactly 
the same info--its encouraging to see the 
hot info coming in now
gs13 wrote
11m ago
Wolfie I hope it comes to pass …
I have never been so low in my life 
11m ago
gs13-please hold on a tad bit longer-its around the 
corner now and about to explode
5m ago
the fuze has been lit and has burned down very close 
to the RV bomb--about to explode in a very great 
way--have faith its here

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