Thursday, December 10, 2015

TNT :PlatinumRunway's bank experience blow by blow today, 10 DEC

platinumrunway wrote 
18m ago
Afternoon room, just called in by 
wealth manager at WF in MD. Told me 
to bring any currencies I owned! Will 
come back later with report!
Greeted by WF now Glen Burnie MD
They have a book with all the currencies in it.
They are counting each note of my zim now
Ok what they are doing now is counting and verifying, I am asking them rates no response yet

I live not even 5 min from my branch
They are just counting and placing the currencies in a sealed envelope separately
Wont let me see the rate for the Zim
They are counting and placing all currencies in sealed envelopes. This particular branch has to send it off...ughh!
Im not letting any currency out of my site
My WM called me in to just get a head start on the process and I did and Im glad cause now i can just go exchange when it pops
I asked how much could I exchange, his response "As much as you have:!
Sexy he said one of my 100 T notes would value right now at $13,000,000

Sexychocolate wrote 
moments ago
Platinum: so that means the rate is .13
I guess I dont know if thats great or not
Sexychocolate wrote 
moments ago
How long before you would get 
the money into your account, since
 they have to mail out
If they mail it out 2 business days, not sure I want to exchange at that rate, might get locked in at first mouse rate
Im going to try to get screen shot hold on
Guys I dont know other rates he is not letting me view them
He stated he has 9 currencies on his screen
Before he had only two showing up, the Dinar is not on his screen with a rate
The rate for VNN is showing 3.47
Two rates for Dong showing VND .47, VNN 3.47
The rates are not on the screen for general public, I was called in to discuss, verify, and count part of my currency.
Guys in order for me to exchange, I have to send off my currency, not willing to do that
thirteen cents everyone was what I was quoted today.
He said he is setting an appointment for Wed for me.
Im not sure if I should give any distinct information but he said I will be very pleased when the currency revalues.
Im not exchanging today, he was just preparing me for what to expect and how the procedures go
Oh by the way guys, ask questions, you will get answers.
I could not have exchanged today everyone
I have an appointment for Wed
I dont know guys today I am praying we are all there by Wed
Im a male in MD guys
I did ask about cap, He stated he was not aware of a cap.
I have all my currency guys.

Dansmor wrote 
41s ago
Platinumrunway.. did he say what
 the appointment was for on Wednesday???
platinumrunway wrote 
59s ago
Subsonic I guess to exchange

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