Tuesday, December 22, 2015


platinumrunway wrote 10:16pm -- (1) My WM stated that noone worked late tonight due to extended hrs all weekend. They are preparing for exchanges this week. One twist to this, rates disappeared then reappeared again. Rates appear to actual exchange rates. ........ (2) Bank employees are still not in the know. The rates are unbelievable (described by source). There is another sleeper currency and it has been mentioned, not Zim.

platinumrunway wrote 10:19pm (3) There is going to be an opportuity to exchange a little this year, and capitalize big in 2017. ...... (3a) Guys mistype 2015 and 2016 ....... (4) You can exchange a lil now take care of bills etc, then remember Tony said it would be greater later. Everyone will have to make their own personal choice. Im not an accountant or tax attorney. ...... (5) Call centers and exchange centers not staffed currently.

[Tuesday morning addition]

platinumrunway wrote: 6:49am central ------ (1) If ur talking about the exchange a lil now and the rest later its pretty simple.... (2) Trying to stay positive with this but when u know someone keeps letting the air out of your tires just to make u late for work its rather annoying. (3) i still believe before Christmas today is still a great window... (continued)

(4) My wealth manager has not spent much time with his family, he says if it does not go this week there are going to be individuals willing to tell all .... (5) Plus they hold currency (6) It has become a boiler room situation world wide, noone is smiling at the US any further (7) They cannot do this much longer (8) The excuses they cant use any further, timing, Iraq, Obama, documents need to be signed, running test, .China is not buying it any further. (continued)

(9) Think about it who has the power to single handed dump 1 trillion into the market to make it appear to stabalize. (10) Also every time its a crises and it financial all of a sudden its stabalized with financial bandaid (11) The markets for example we have been waiting for all hell to break loose and pow, someone dumps money into the market. (12) Oh moms done talking, the belt has come out.

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