Thursday, December 17, 2015

TNT :Platinum in chat 12-16-15 9:20pm MT, 17 DEC

platinumrunway wrote
20m ago
Well it's more than just excitement for me. For the first time today a WM from WF Bank looked me straight in my eyes and said I should have one of the best Christmas ever. That spoke volum
platinumrunway wrote
18m ago
What my WM is doing is giving me daily updated infor as to what he gets in their daily memos
The met today on how to profile clients and meet specific needs. Not to mention if you have a plan your more likely to get better rates, perks, and better interest rates.

By the way there is not LEAVE for bank employees until after mid Jan.

platinumrunway wrote
13m ago
I will give you all some insight on what i mean by profiling
platinumrunway wrote
11m ago
You need to present yourself as if you are conducting business. Have your plan and backup plan together. They want our business but keep in mind they work for the bank. Here is a list of what they will look for

Did you show up on time, do you have an account set up already, how prepared are you, do you have knowledge of banking services
They will ask what are your plans & goals, long and short term
When speaking with bankers remain calm because some will be very pissed while doing your transactions

Closed mouth will not get fed, even though you may have knowledge they may not be privy to dont make them seem like they are idiots, after all they determine your final outcome

Most of all guys, greet them with a firm handshake and sound confident. They are expecting some of us to be off the chain, so they can have a reason to say we dont deserve to have this

platinumrunway wrote
4m ago

Keep in Mind we are also interviewing them, you dont have to say yes at the first bone they throw you, a little meat makes the meal go further

astorjack wrote
2m ago
platinumrunway, mine are 5 P's: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

platinumrunway wrote
1m ago
Nice astrojack!!!

platinumrunway wrote
1m ago
Guys one more bit of knowledge and Im off to sleep

platinumrunway wrote
19s ago
Remember Tony used to say two things, 1. Follow the money, and 2. Dont listen to what they say but what they do case and point: Remember how many banks told you this was a scam, and how they would not be participating in any currency exchange? Well Riddle Me This, "Why were there surplus amounts of money delivered to these banks, that are so called not participatong?

platinumrunway wrote
15s ago
Point 2 Many banks have said flat out we will not participate in any type of scam dealing with dinar or other currency....well why the HECK are you selling it to me then?

platinumrunway wrote
moments ago
Guys it's here, they cannot keep a lid on this much longer, trust your instincts, you will be fine!!!!
platinumrunway wrote
55s ago
You guys are all welcome, if I have anything new, I will share it. Like I said before Elmer hit the nail on the head earlier today so keep your ear close to the ground, The Fat Lady is about to take the stage!!!!!!

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