Sunday, December 6, 2015

TNT: Periscope Intel on USD to IQD, 6 DEC

TNT: Periscope Intel on USD to IQD

6:35:00 AM  Intel, TNT  


Just on periscope app. 

Was just on the app and looked for someone online in iraq. There were a few but I chose some guy in bagdad. I asked about the dinar revaluation. He said 125 =100 in iraq? Does this seem to be right? That would make the iqd higher than the dollar...


Another Periscope update with video link 

I decided to go on Periscope for myself to ask someone in Iraq what the rate was.

I was surprised when He told me the rate is 100 USD to 122 IQD.

I recorded it and put it up on youtube for you all to see. I hope this info is correct!! the link is below.


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