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TNT :My Canadian Bank story....started on Dec 2, 2015, 9 DEC

    • freedomfinder3013 said
      04:30 PM Dec 9, 2015
    As we all seen a few days ago there was a woman in Toronto Canada that made an exchange of her VND, ZIM and Rupiah at  a TD Canada Bank in Toronto, Canada as per what Tony said on his call. And that the rate she got was .47 for the VND.  After I heard that information on the Tony Call, I started making some inquires. I called TD Canada bank asking questions about who do I talk to with regards to exchanging my currency and was transferred from 1 department to another until a gentleman from Markham Ontario come on the line and asked me how he can help me. I told him I held VND among other currencies. I also told him I was well aware of people exchanging this currency in Toronto and I was just inquiring as to what procedure I needed to take to do the same transaction. At first he treated me like I was a member of the Clampett family, and started telling me the same things I already knew with regards to going to my local branch and having them call the foreign exchange peeps in Toronto to get the current rate and the teller would be happy to exchange my VND back to Canadian no problem. Then he asked me the GOLDEN question................HOW MUCH DO I HAVE IN VND???????

    I told him I had in excess of 200 million VND and his voice went up by 10 octaves.  REALLY He said thats very interesting. Then he said and I quote, " By my rough calculations 200 million in Vietnamese currency roughly converts to 94 million Canadian dollars. Can you hold the line please I would like to speak to my superiors and get more information for you to make sure we here at TD Canada get you in front of the right person" unquote

    A couple of mins later he came back on the line and told me that within a half hour he would have someone from the Private banking sector contact me. We hung up the phone and not 20 mins later 2 people from TD WATERHOUSE called me. Asked me a bunch of questions. reconfirmed the amount I had and asked if I would be investing my money with TD Canada. I said I was considering that as an option. I also said I would like to buy a house etc. They both giggled and told me that I would be able to buy a very nice house and that they would be in touch with me.

    We hung up the phone, and I havent heard anything from them since. Not sure why?

    The point I Want to make here is when you recalculate 200 mil in DONG to 94 mil Canadian the rate you get is .47.

    I dont know the woman that exchanged in Toronto, or her private banker and I never once mentioned a rate of .47 to the guy who's voice changed real fast either
    These events are 2 seperate things talking to 2 different banking people. By the way I live in the western provinces too Ontario is 3000 miles away from me.

    ALSO.................a friend of mine recently purchased VND from her TD Canada in Vancouver (several miles away from Toronto) over the phone and the person on the other end of the phone told her and I quote.....................Mame, you do realize that this currency is in the process of revaluing dont you? she politely replied, yes as a matter of fact I do know that, and hung up after the order was finished.

    Also Yesterday just for shootes and giggles I called a wealth manager at a smaller location in a smaller town closer to where I live and asked about exchanging this currency, and the WM assistant told me, and I quote her words..................there has been chatter of a revaluation on the VND and that I would have to wait until it revalued before I could exchange it to Canadian dollars

    Folks I learned yesterday that there is a huge difference in the knowledge between a Private Banker and a Wealth Manager thats for sure, because the WM told me there was no such thing as a private banker at TD Canada. So I googled that too by the way and found the names of 6 senior private bankers in 2 of the major cities near me.

    My detective work on this is far from over, its just a matter of finding the right person that knows what I am talking about........I believe that I ( diggity dog DONG detective) am on the right trail.

    Have an amazing day and I hope this adventure I have been on since Dec 2nd, 2015 has encouraged some of you that this is real and some know more than others thats all! 

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