Sunday, December 20, 2015

TNT :Intel from Tennwolfman, Mangelo, Rockymtnlady Sunday Afternoon 12/20, 20 DEC

    • Glurerivygtieark said
      01:51 PM Dec 20, 2015
    We are almost in exchanges, folks; keep the faith!!! Our time is here. This NOT like a year ago AT ALL. Okie is out of his plane waiting to go into his exchange (not flying around waiting to land like in months past!); multiple banks and Wealth Managers telling REGULAR people with currency that our time is NOW; even Frank26 said yesterday that he is at 100% red confidence level that Iraq is going to RV momentarily. It's all good:
    Dusty Stephens: My WF PB source saying all WF exchange centers are on lockdown waiting the "go" for exchanges to start
    Tennwolfman Sun afternoon 20 dec: I am on pins and needles with this thing--really expecting it to come full fruition today/tonight [Sun 20 dec]. . . I'm expecting it to break loose any minute--I am absolutely thrilled at the possibilities. . . yes it is [the first time my bank has been on lockdown]--sat and sun [sat-sun 19-20 dec]. . .it has been phoned, emailed, and pm'ed to me that now is our time to be ready. . . looking for after 6 o'clock est. . . but they [bank people] are still in there [in Tenn's bank] with the doors locked--I have seen them in the bank with the doors locked today and yesterday [sat-sun 19-20 dec]. . . this time I am letting myself go just a little bit cause it looks and seems so different
    mangelo Sun afternoon 20 dec: Tenn my friends cousin said that in Iraq the government getting ready to change something  
    Rockymntlady Sun afternoon 20 dec: (on Open Mic Call) Ray reported that he has heard from two persons that two banks and one in TN and one in VA, are staffed and open for buz. The VA bank actually stated they are open to do currency exchanges.

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