Sunday, December 6, 2015

TNT :IKO/Art/Pastor John/Ray encouraging tidbits Saturday evening 12/5/15, 6 DEC

IKO WARD :  Getting reliable intel from several major sources we are a go. Keep your currency segregated for tax purposes. Be ready for any moment now, but certainly by tomorrow night.

: Art feels that the RV [will] happen tomorrow. Art says all taxes for Gen64 group will be paid by The Chinese.....all groups will be going at the same time [I assume that would be only taxes on Dinar] IKO: I am with Art.

Iko said on OM that China gave a warning, if no RV by Monday, there would be hyperinflation. Could be out of control by Monday, a panic that would panic out of control, and show how stupid the system is.

Iko doesn't believe it is US holding it up, but some other agency that looks down on both US and Iraq and China.

Art says asset backed currencies are active around the world. Just waiting for Iraq to make the announcement

Generals 64 is the Wells Fargo/China/Private Placement Group 

FYI: DKully is pumped!
Thanks to Too-Tall for capturing the bottom half above.
Thanks to Pinkroses for capturing the following:

Pastor John wrote
21m ago

GE family hello's and love from our family to your. We are 

receiving word from abroad that our prayers are in the 
beginning stages of being answered. We are excited for all of us. 
We have been encouraged by a great song. "You raise me up
 to stand on mountains, You raise me up to walk on stormy seas,
 I am strong when I am on your shoulders You raise me up to 
be more then I can be.

RAY: All systems go!.......It looks good!!

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