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      07:38 AM Dec 11, 2015
    Senate approves short-term spending bill to avoid shutdown
    Published December 10, 2015 Associated Press
    The Senate has passed a short-term spending bill to keep the government open until Wednesday and give negotiators more time to work out a longer term measure.
    The Senate approved the bill by voice vote.
    Lawmakers were seeking a deal on a $1.1 trillion measure financing federal agencies in 2016. Disagreements between Republicans and Democrats over the environment, taxes and Syrian refugees have stalled the measure.
    The House is expected to approve the short-term bill on Friday.
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        2 Senate Democratic leader Reid: Scalia used 'racist' rhetoric
        3 Trump soaring despite Muslim controversy; pundits still unconvinced
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        5 United drops DC-Dubai route, accuses US government of subsidizing Gulf rival

    Sexychocolate wrote Gm TNT family. Keep the faith. I was feeling doubtful, but after a nice long prayer, I happened to get a call from my wealth manager at WF in MD and I have an appointment on Tuesday.
    Iko Ward wrote So we have some Wells Fargo people making appointments for next Wednesday and some denying it will ever happen.
    Iko Ward wrote All eyes on the US market today.

    Iko Ward wrote Gold and Crude still going down, European Markets solidly red, Forex maintaining below 1078.
    Iko Ward wrote all good for us
    Iko Ward wrote It is now post time. Just getting the last of them in the gate and ZI will hand you over to the very capable S&P500.
    brklyngyrl wrote Iko yea,,, great day for an RV
    Iko Ward wrote Theyrrrrrrrrrr off! S&P out of the gate at -.78. and quickly moving to a full -1.00
    Iko Ward wrote Crude heading for 35, Gold at 1066. Mexico still can't make up it's mind. And the S&P goes to -1.05

    alnjean wrote Iko-what's the name of the "car"
    Iko Ward wrote aln...name of the horse is PTB     
    Iko Ward wrote S&P now -1.12.     
    lizardlips wrote IKO are these still good indicators?     
        Iko Ward wrote lizard...yes.

    GJHHonor wrote Iko did you read this. senate oks short term spend​ing bill? That may be an indicator of the timeline. I think we aren't tomorrow​, but by next Wednesday.
    Iko Ward wrote GJH...you got it, but RV should happen prior so chaos does not ensue.

    Iko Ward wrote I already think the Range Rover is an elite soccer mom circus so the convertible is the clown nose flashing like a light bulb. biggrin

    Iko Ward wrote S&P now at -1.35. I think Mexico took an early siesta. Sometimes it's best to stay home.
    covenant wrote Has anyone ever heard of group called NB88? I have a friend who he sent this group his dinar and I worried he may never see a penny
        Iko Ward wrote Covenant, stop worrying, it's already gone. NB88 should just post a sign that says "come here little girl, I have candy."      
        B Squared wrote Looks like stealing in the name of the Lord.     
    covenant wrote Wow I'm really sad for him and now they have opened their site for you to send cash and they're telling them a rate of $10-20 per dinar, he's upset because I told him  he shouldn't send anything to anyone ......sad.. they are telling to find others to send cash and window is open for 5 days guarantee rate of 10-20'dollars ....scary

    B Squared wrote http://nb88ifc.ning.com/ Read the notice on the NB88 site closely ... they need information for the "transformation of your currency". So, now, they're not cashing in or exchanging, they're transforming. Probably transforming from your pocket to theirs.     
    Iko Ward wrote The owners of NB88 will get all they deserve.

    Iko Ward wrote Forex already reset. S&P took another hit.
          Iko Ward wrote Mexico finally joined the fray at -.64.

    Iko Ward wrote The idiots running this thing have backed themselves into a corner because they are all scared to death. So now the markets have to take a huge hit to convince them the only way out is the RV.
    K Boom wrote Iko- I saw an article the other day- 39 members of congress emptied their bank accounts- what's that about? lol   
    Iko Ward wrote K- Everyone is moving their cash out of USD and into safe havens like Yuan, Swiss Franc, Norwegian Krone. The dollar may take a bit of a dive for a while. It will all work out but the fear brigade is charging.
    K Boom wrote Silver getting pounded again while gold is up a little.. Dollar down and all indexes too- it's an anomoly

    Iko Ward wrote Yes KB, and Yuan up to 6.44

    drakechap wrote iko in laymen terms are we about to go to the bank by the 15th?

    Iko Ward wrote Drake, I think sooner, but yes, the 15th is a giant date for the world.          

    K Boom wrote Crude Oil 35.94 -0.82 -2.23%     
        Iko Ward wrote K- Do you see?
    Iko Ward wrote Oil, Gold, Copper, the markets, all going down. The smart money is bailing in droves. Did you know there are 670 Billion Puts scheduled to call on Dec. 16th? 670 BILLION.     
    pcskid wrote iko ward where do you get info on the numbers of put coming on different date sir
    Iko Ward wrote PC..Bloomberg, insiders

    ---------------CNBC Report - Rick Santelli - Global Markets are Recalibrating!
    Live Report on CNBC as of 9:45 am (EST)
    CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses the latest action in the bond market, and the U.S. dollar. http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000465097
    jlw wrote Iko: the same things were said when the Dow was around 16,000... the world was supposed to end then... we are still here     
    Iko Ward wrote jlw...the markets were artificially propped up so there would not be any panic. Didn't you notice the volume? Showed mega movers pumping money, not the general crowd. The world isn't coming to an end, just taking a little break while the rest of the planet reaches parody. (parity)

    Mikecren1 wrote Parody. Now that's funny IKO!!
          Iko Ward wrote I hate spell check. But kinda true, huh?

    jimbake wrote Iko...yes, but you are right...parity is the destination! :)

    TNTRAYREN98 ‏@THE_TNT_TEAM  No new info today. Everything is great and on track. Enjoy your weekend. #wearethepeople 

    helzangel1026 wrote No need for a call if the info is the same...imo     
    elmerf123456 wrote Don't need a call to hear what you already know.

    concan wrote Heard on CNBC that at last nights closing China announced that they would be depegging from the US dollar and would be pegging to a basket of currencies. Yeah go RV
     TEX20071 wrote Concan...saw CNBC too...recorded it!! Said Yuan was added to basket of CURRENCIES for the IMF reset...

    elmerf123456 wrote Stocks fall 1.5%, Dow plunges 300 as oil slides

    elmerf123456 wrote The Dow Jones industrial average traded in a range between about 200 and 270 points lower after earlier falling 286 points. In midday trade, Goldman Sachs and DuPont were the greatest weights on the index as nearly all constituents declined. Energy and materials were the greatest laggards in the S&P 500 as all sectors declined in mid-morning trade.
    Nurseginger wrote Change Happens, Anticipate Change, Get Ready For Monitored Change, Adapt To Change Quickly, The Quicker You Let Go Of Old things, Change happens. Enjoy Change! Savor The Adventure! Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy the Process.

    IdahoUSA wrote TNT NOTICE: TNT CONFERENCE CALL CANCELLED FOR FRIDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2015 TNTRAYREN98 ‏@THE_TNT_TEAM No new info today. Everything is great and on track. Enjoy your weekend. #wearethepeople

    Darlindo wrote Ray is impeccable with his words, it doesn't say "no call" for a reason, that is my take

    elmerf123456 wrote Don't need a call to hear what you already know.

    elmerf123456 wrote S I l E N C E !! Is a wonderful message and tweet.

    fitzgerald wrote NO MORE TALKING LET'S GET TO WALKING TO THE ..............BANK

    serenabanks wrote Good Call Rayren....Now we Wait with Anticipation
    Iko Ward wrote Gold will not go quietly into that good night. Crude knows it has no choice. The markets are falling kicking and screaming

    blue46 wrote hi every one did any one see the news some one went into a sears store and paid off every ones layaways then went to toys r use and paid off all lay aways 20,000 at each and 3 other store all so did not catch them all you think it might be some one who has exchanged!

    Doc wrote Not one of the intel providers we have heard from in the past are providing any info/details as they have in the past. Does anyone else find that interesting?

    daz wrote GO OUT AND PLAY biggrin

    elmerf123456 wrote I’ve been thinking recently about all the existing and emerging challenges facing individuals and entire countries throughout the world–major economic crises, tight job markets in many countries (or at least a scarcity of jobs for some groups and individuals), a growing gap between the “haves” and “have nots,” and more. Three phrases came to mind, and they’re somewhat related to each other. One is “united we stand,” and the other is “strength in numbers, and of course TNT Strong!

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