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Iraq Parliament Agenda Wednesday
The agenda of the meeting No. (45) Wednesday 16 December 2015
First:      Read verses from the Koran.

Second:  Vote on the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2016. (Finance Committee, Legal Committee, The economic and investment commission), (Article 38).
Third: Vote on the Committee of Experts for the selection of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights members. (Commission on Human Rights).
Session starts at:  Ten in the morning.

Urgent House of Representatives vote on the ending paragraphs of the b​udget and approved by the full!!

the House of Representatives approved the country's general budget for 2016 after the vote on all its clauses. The reporter said the agency all of Iraq [where] that "the House of Representatives voted on all the paragraphs of the budget, including the Kurdistan region's share amounting to 17%

Expert (time): We recommend activating the taxes and customs 
Cabinet cost-effective team to overcome the decline in oil revenues
BAGHDAD - Tamara Abdul Razak

Economic expert advised the government to activate Kaabi taxes and customs tariffs on imported goods in the face of the Council of Ministers to take measures to counter the perceived risk due to lower oil revenues.

 He said al-Kaabi (time) yesterday that the (country's dependence on unilateral source of funding for building and his will cause fragile budget). Calling (government to activate the taxes and customs tariffs on goods Almistodh Brphi even contribute money and reduce the budget deficit). As the face of the Council of Ministers to take the necessary risks to cope with the expected measures due to lower oil revenues significantly. Prime Minister's media office said in a statement yesterday that (the face of the Council during its meeting yesterday to take the necessary measures face potential risks because of significantly lower oil revenues, despite an increase in oil production and exports).

 He added that he (decide to entrust the work of a team of senior economic advisers to provide paper deliberate economic measures to address the effects of this decline on the federal budget for 2016 and on the economy). He pointed out that (the Council discussed the creation of Dhi Qar Oil Company and the Basra oil and a request from the Ministry of Oil to provide full proposals at the next meeting). The statement added that (Council discussed a number of issues in the forefront of victories security forces in Ramadi and cleanse large parts of them and the continuation of purges of terrorists and explosive). He explained that he (was brief the Security Council on the request from Iraq for a session of the UN Security Council to discuss the complaint for the violation of sovereignty and to take a decision calling on Turkey to withdraw immediately from the Iraqi territory and the necessary measures to ensure the non-recurrence of this


BRUCE CC REPLAY (605)562-3198 Pin 123456#

      Bruce call: Bruce: Where are we? We are in the midst of it. Midst of a perfect storm. WE are in the middle of it. We are seeing the roll out of this GCR, rollout of the exchanges taking place for some specialty groups. Will see our turn shortly. Exchanges taking place for specialty groups. Banks received TRNs as of today all 4000 banks had receive their currency and all exchange locations included in that number. the banks are flood with the currency we needed for our exchanges. they are set up and ready.

Midafternoon today. Banks have receive their funding including exchange locations. This currency was needed for our exchange. Banks are now ready. Within an hour of that, specialty groups for humaitarian projects started. These groups are small. this afternoon, within an hour the vip groups tied in with projects. small groups, 29 of these started to be funded this afternoon. i dont know how long it take, small groups, mega funds for each one. funded for humanitarian projects. you know some of the names.. we believe we are next. hope to have celebration call tonight. but we believe our turn next.

believe get notification maybe late tonight. hate to call it, but we believe hours or couple of days. I am encouraged what we are hearing. Can't say everything he hears. But very encouraged. They do want us to have this before Christmas.We are in a position to receive and have this come thru. Rate are good, higher.
couple days ago everything was set up for 1st basket, last night set up for UN rates. all currencies are there. i dont know if reveal yet, but lock and loaded. all currency lock and loaded. that is all you need to know, our turn coming shortly.

 Celebration call may be Thursday.

bruce: it to us its deadly slow, something more to it than we dont know. like funding these groups for humanitarian projects, we go behind them.  the timing we are in now was scripted in a document. we are right on track.

Watch your emails and tweets from TNT. He understands TNT will be able to do a final call and will get the 800#s.
Basic plan is for everyone to go in an orderly manner. The toll free numbers will keep us from going willy nilly to the banks. Hang in. More info will come out when the 800#s come out.

Bruce: We are in a really good state of expectation. Stay patient. Expect it so that we can have a good Christmas. We seem to be in the midst of the rollout with our turn very shortly.
  concern the ZIM, will they not be touching all the denoms of the country?

Bruce: only thing we heard about the zim is they taking the trillion notes, 6 zeros off, billion notes 3 zeros off. i dont know how they going to treat the million, hundred thousand notes. we will have to see.  We are looking at 2008 AA and AB

Are the smaller groups part of the historical bonds?
Bruce: The historical bonds are to go right before or right after the rV.

Is there any cap on the dong? No. Only limit is that you can not walk out of the bank with more than $9,500 US dollars.

China wants it done. They are driving this. They want us to see this before Christmas. they wanted us to have it 10 days before Christmas. today is 10 days. we are good to go to exchange before Christmas. that is the goal. that is what China wants. I believe it will be carried out.

caller: not rates, but given this is coming out as asset back, will that change any contracts rates?
bruce: not to my knowledge. i believe all the rates prenegotiated are still locked in.

Are we expecting it to be on a weekend? Not a factor anymore. It will continue rolling out with our notifications. Hopefully we are next.

We aren't sure if there will be any announcement.
Caller calling from Alberta Ca. Will Canada have 800 #?
Bruce said the RBC and TD bank are doing the exchanges. Scotia will only do zim. Bruce will do his best to get the numbers on thebigcall.net under the bankng tab.

royal canada bank, td bank exchanges for all currency. Scotia bank only handle the zim. we will get all the numbers for those 3 banks for Canadians


COdreamer wrote forex 1076.5 http://www.forex.tradingcharts.com/chart/US%20Dollar_Iraqi%20Dinar.htm​l
buddydog wrote Good Morning, TNT.. I would like to request prayers guiding the surgeons today. My husband is on operating table for bypass surgery now. Thank You for ypur support!
COdreamer wrote congrats to the Iraqis on getting their budget done! woo hoo!
okrocks wrote GM I am hearing rumblings of something good happened and something for us is soon to follow
Iko Ward wrote Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock Tick tock

mangelo wrote Good morning TNT family!!! I am expecting great news today!!! Hope it's our RV day today!

Promiseone wrote Defense Secretary Ash Carter arrived unannounced in Baghdad early Wed. Morning to meet with military. NBC news

betmar wrote We will get an answer on fed rate hike at 2 this afternoon today
Barry wrote seen where all those Wal-Mart layaways were paid off in Pennsylvania. I can't wait to do that. must be those banker friends that go paid out two years ago.
gs13 wrote do yall remember the caller that blurted out to tony on a CC that this wasnt happening til Dec 16? HMMMMM isnt that today????

okrocks wrote Here comes Santa Clause, Here comes Santa Clause ......

Iko Ward wrote Guys, I got nuthin new. I'm still thinking they are going to stretch this thing right to the wire and let it go over the weekend. Anything else is a pleasant surprise.

elmerf123456 wrote We've been telling the news all along. Have you been sleeping? My eyes are on the Fed and how the market reacts and now Iraq passes budget in a record time! This all sounds good to me
elmerf123456 wrote Every page has been written every chapter has been included the backing on the book is already there there's nothing left to read no more chapters left to do no more signatures needed! This in my opinion is a timing issue and I think the time is come ! We are all involved spectators waiting to see the final curtain call that's it !

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