Saturday, December 12, 2015



Let me just say this I'm getting reports from all over and 
Intel is popping I'm gonna tell you all make sure you get 
rest this weekend this can go down any minute and there's 
been so much activity after the market closed things are 
prime I haven't been this excited in a very long time 
I think we are here.

IKO. I see some things like you. Things are on fire since the 
market close and I think you know this is no fluke. Suits pressed,
 bags packed, go for launch set. I'm very very excited 
on what I am seeing. You?

 try to sift through a lot of stuff that I get when I've 
got multi calls with a lot of excitement coming from 
different sources and this looks fantastic and primed to pop.

TBIRDD:Elmer --- is it really possible to start for us on a weekend?

ELMERF123456:TBirrd anything is possible

KBOOM:Elmer- I agree things look fantastic for us- however, what 
I hear and believe is that OUR time is down the line a tad. 
As always, I hope I'm wrong and get a pleasant surprise this weekend.

ELMERF123456:Boom. I think that's because they want to push it out because 
they don't want to forecast when this is going down for what 
should be obvious reasons for what should be obvious reasons. 
The market served as a wake up call today and a contact from 
Hong Kong says this is a very real and all positions are 
primed to make this thing launch

2m ago
I have nothing to gain by reportedly 
information because 
I'm in the same spot as everyone is and 
want the same 
that everyone does I'm just ready and I
 think everything 
is lining up to be ready so I hope it's 
all correct but the 
excitement is at a fever pitch right now
K Boom wrote
3m ago
Elmer- I think the markets are a reaction - not
a trigger. 
That aside, I think we agree on it being pushed out. 
Where we differ is the timing of when it is our turn- 
sitting here in the Tier 3 seats. That' s my take. 
All good from where I sit, but I don't see it
 happening right away
3m ago
So for all you silly people in chat that 
love to have a 
tomato fight this might be a good time to do 
because you might not have very many 
opportunities left
3m ago
KBoom time tells all. And I do agree we 
all on the ticket so 
if it doesn't happen in a day or two or 
even a little later 
we're golden! China is making the plane 
is going to 
force a change in the market watch
4m ago
elmer, from 1 to 10 how high is the fever pitch?
5m ago
Pink 12
4m ago
I understand there were some agreements 
done about an 
hour after the market closed which has 
been in preparation 
for sometime now and I always thought it 
was a timing issue 
everything is primed in line as we speak
 so let's hope for the best
2m ago
I can't speak for IKO's information, but
 I'm willing to state 
that he is in a very high level of
 confidence also 
this is about ready to go down
1m ago
Why not us? Why not Now? I'm ready 
for closure and it looks like we have made it. 
I want this just as much as you do !
1m ago
I have another Intel call at seven Eastern 
so I'm getting ready 
go on there anything more I will bring it 
back in

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