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MF Executive Board Concludes 2015 Article IV Consultation with Iran
Press Release No. 15/581
December 21, 2015

On December 7, 2015, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV consultation1 with Iran.

The sharp decline in global oil prices, tight corporate and bank balance sheets, and postponed consumption and investment decisions ahead of the expected lifting of economic sanctions, have significantly slowed down economic activity since the fourth quarter of 2014/15. Real GDP growth is projected to decline from 3 percent in 2014/152 to somewhere between 0.5 to -0.5 percent in 2015/16. Twelve-month (point-to-point) inflation has declined to around 10 percent in recent months, largely reflecting lower food and beverage inflation, and the inflation rate is expected to remain close to 14 percent by year-end....................
Directors welcomed the authorities’ commitment to unify the foreign exchange market by end-September 2016, and encouraged the prompt removal of the foreign exchange restriction and multiple currency practices. While welcoming recent progress, Directors advised further improving the timeliness and quality of official statistics.

 Mon, 21 Dec 2015 18:34:19 GMT Tehran hopes sanctions removed in January
Tehran hopes sanctions removed in January
Iran’s foreign minister has expressed hope that the sanctions imposed on Tehran will be lifted by the end of January and that Iran and the P5+1 group will move toward “more logical” relations.
Mohammad Javad Zarif made the remark in a press conference Monday with visiting Bulgarian foreign minister Daniel Mitov, Press TV reported.
The top Bulgarian diplomat, in turn, said he hoped the sanctions will be removed soon....................

SpaceX Falcon rocket nails safe landing in pivotal space feat
A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off from Florida on Monday with a payload of communications satellites before the reusable main-stage booster turned around, soared back to Cape Canaveral and landed safely near its launch pad in a dramatic spaceflight first..... 



Iko Ward:  OMG 1069.2. We have broken the speed barrier….. And Crude about to cross.

The eyeguy:  iko, is this the stab we are looking for?
Iko Ward: eyeguy, let's call it a slash in the right direction

platinumrunway wrote My WM stated that no one worked late tonight due to extended hrs all weekend. They are preparing for exchanges this week. One twist to this, rates disappeared then reappeared again. Rates appear to be actual exchange rates. 
platinumrunway wrote Bank employees are still not in the know. The rates are unbelievable (described by source). There is another sleeper currency and it has been mentioned, not Zim.

platinumrunway wrote There is going to be an opportuity to exchange a little this year, and capitalize big in 2016
platinumrunway wrote You can exchange a lil now take care of bills etc, then remember Tony said it would be greater later. Everyone will have to make their own personal choice. Im not an accountant or tax attorney.

platinumrunway wrote Call centers and exchange centers not staffed currently. 

platinumrunway wrote Banks are not scheduled to be open Christmas...Call centers and exchange centers not staffed currently.

SassyD wrote Plat - Did they do exchanges over the weekend ??
platinumrunway wrote Sassy - just prep as far as I know
platinumrunway wrote Good night everyone, tomorrow is another day.


platinumrunway wrote If ur talking about the exchange a lil now and the rest later its pretty simple
platinumrunway wrote Trying to stay positive with this but when u know someone keeps letting the air out of your tires just to make u late for work its rather annoying. platinumrunway wrote i still believe before Christmas, today is still a great window
platinumrunway wrote My wealth manager has not spent much time with his family, he says if it does not go this week there are going to be individuals willing to tell allplatinumrunway wrote Plus they hold currency platinumrunway wrote it has become a boiler room situation world wide, no one is smiling at the US any further platinumrunway wrote They cannot do this much longer
platinumrunway wrote The excuses they cant use any further, timing, Iraq, Obama, documents need to be signed, running test, .China is not buying it any further.
platinumrunway wrote Think about it who has the power to single handed dump 1 trillion into the market to make it appear to stabalize.     
platinumrunway wrote Also every time its a crises and it financial all of a sudden its stabalized with financial bandaid
platinumrunway wrote The markets for example we have been waiting for all hell to break loose and pow, someone dumps money into the market.
COdreamer wrote platinum so when will Mom slap the child upside the head???
     platinumrunway wrote Oh moms done talking, the belt has come out.
chatter wrote Urgent Iraq and China sign five agreements in various fields incl​uding military http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=24871
fullofhope wrote Plat before the end how safe i how safe is it to exchange a li and wait till next y I think we're all a little nervous that on I think we're all a little nervous that once it happens it couldn't happen if something goes wrong and then we are stuck with our currency and no ability to exchange it next year
platinumrunway wrote Im saying the process is moving but someone keeps placing thumbtacks on the street
Iko Ward wrote More of the same, guys, varied movement, crude markets merging, Forex a bit more extreme, forget what Abadi signed with China, it's what they haven't signed we are interested in.     
coyotehunter wrote Isn't anyone paying any attention to those having been caught with their hand in the till.     
platinumrunway wrote If jonny has 1 trillion apples and suzy has 30 trillion apples, how many more apples does steve have to equal a quadrillion?
Tndr wrote 969 Trill.....that's a lot of apples!

platinumrunway wrote well guys take care off to make models out of monsterz.
Four2atous wrote Future oil= http://globalriskinsights.com/2015/12/the-future-of-oil-production-in-​iraq/     
coyotehunter wrote China is locking up everything the West has ignored.     
IWFG1818 wrote Perception is reality. The perception of power and control is manipulated and maintained by division and fear. When perception shifts, so will reality. We're in the midst of the shift...     
coyotehunter wrote If an area has no military or economic (oil) advantage, the West has not been interested.     
okrocks wrote World War 3 is not fought on land, its fought in the global financial arena      
coyotehunter wrote Follow The Money folks. okrocks well said

okrocks wrote unfortunately like any war its the citizens who suffer... will it go down hard or harder is the question
Tennwolfman wrote ok, here is what I have gotten this morning so far--China is pissed and fed up with delays, China knows the ones that are holding this up, personally I dont expect this to go before christmas but I do think it will go before the end of the year. I wouldnt place money on either one. I am still waiting to hear from 2 other sources on this, I hope I am wrong about before christmas it is just my opinion based on what info I have received so far
Tennwolfman wrote what I get is only info and its not intel so anything can change or be totally different at anytime 
cookiecutter wrote you know there has to be some people that really knows what is going on... the real story... I am surprised someone hasn't exposed it yet..     
Heavenishome wrote the bigger picture and who and what info is out there is why i said earlier there are many layers to this control
IWFG1818 wrote Cookie - people are exposing it little by little...at great personal risk

IWFG1818 wrote War games for global dominance and control
coyotehunter wrote Our distinguished leaders are letting the PTB paint us into a corner. Plan and be prepared. Follow The Money
IWFG1818 wrote Coyote - who do you think controls the distinguished leaders?     
coyotehunter wrote IWFG Who has the money?     
IWFG1818 wrote Exactly ... Leaders have no power. Who controls the military machine?
coyotehunter wrote IWFG Same answer. Corporations, also big banks, none of them want to lose what they have had in the past.
IWFG1818 wrote Coyote - yes of course, but who owns and controls them?     
coyotehunter wrote IWFG I shall not name those of which you speak, but I am aware of who they are. LOL
IWFG1818 wrote Coyote - yep ... Someone is in control but it's not our distinguished leaders letting the PTB paint us into a corner.... And if a leader tries, well he's 86-ed pretty fast
IWFG1818 wrote But the good news is that more and more good guys are coming together to take a stand. It's risky business because the system is fragile..     
okrocks wrote Those who have run the world are being taken to task... we will win...in the meantime hang on to your faith and your currency... our day IS coming
IWFG1818 wrote Yes, this is ultimately a spiritual war of epic proportion and a page turner indeed. Yet the ending has been written in the wind!
Uni345ty wrote It is spiritual warfare time........time for serious prayer.
coyotehunter wrote IWFG Yes, look at history, it is undeniable. My superpower leader will prevail overall. Be Blessed
Tuttles wrote 
12/22/15 -  Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing ways to develop bilateral relations between the two countries.This will meet Abadi during his official visit to the People's Republic of China with a number of Chinese officials, to discuss ways of cooperation in the economic, military and security field, which is one of the main topics in the Chinese Iraqi talks, Iraq and looks forward to the expansion of economic cooperation with Beijing by increasing the presence of Chinese companies in order to invest in oil and energy and the development of services and infrastructure areas.

Tuttles wrote Zimbabwe and Iraq are in China talking Economy now...
Four2atous wrote OK boys and girls what approach is being used? CPA (Critical path analysis). Why is this important? Knowing the "HOW" will lead us to the WHAT" and "WHY".
Four2atous wrote Every State Department program will use a Straightest to complete a seres of task....this being one of them.     
queenbea wrote four2...where do you think we are in this model     
Four2atous wrote Queenbea Final quarter     
Four2atous wrote Queenbea here is an important Definition gig economy - The gig economy is a business environment in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.     
Four2atous wrote This is so in the middle of the fairway!     
Four2atous wrote Africa matters to world ecconomy.....from third world to second is a b​ig step= http://sbeta.iol.co.za/news/politics/finance-fiasco-trevor-manuel-spea​ks-1962346    
Four2atous wrote Yellen and the bulls= http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-12-21/yellen-bull-markets-​and-extinction-in-a-seven-year-stock-rally
REI wrote Ok, they are back at my exchange center now! Going into an appointment will be back later.

lilypad wrote On Abadi's Facebook page, there is a video of his reception in China--very impressive-almost positive he does not get that reception here in the US.--worth watching.--China and Iraq going to be BFF/

Newcreation wrote China+Zimbabwe= BFF - China +Iraq= BFF China + Russia= BFF ...China + India= BFF China + China + ...getting the pattern? US + Who =???
Houston wrote I read an article a while ago that Mr. Rothchild had an arrest warrant for banking irregularities. I'll see if I can find it.

jimbake wrote The time for seeking "others" to blame is passed! WE ARE the ones who hold the power and when we finally realize that fact, then we will see the world we want to see! Imo :)
K Boom wrote An attitude of Gratitude makes the day bright
Tuttles wrote 12/22/15 - General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced that on Wednesday a public holiday to mark the birth anniversary of Prophet Mohammad.
elmerf123456 wrote Elmer is great. Just waiting like you but investigating and hearing good stuff also.

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