Tuesday, December 29, 2015



Iko Ward:  Well guys, Forex seems comfortable these days below 1070. WTI/Brent Crude remain near parity. The tankers are moving (down to 56 from 72). Markets are up. Gold is trading and staying around 1070. Commodities are still down but they don't turn on a dime. All this means is the stage is still set and we're waiting for the curtain. The house manager says any minute now.

Iko Ward : Abadi says he needs three days..like this weekend? That will solve all our tax issues

LH : gm and if this thing doesn't start to happen for US after this upcoming three day weekend, I don't know what I'll think.....it is TIME

Iko Ward : LH - I think the rest of the planet is right behind you.

Iko Ward :  London took a couple of swipes at Gold this AM. Now we'll see what New York does. It well only take one of these indicators to go off the rails to pull the rest of the train off the track. So it's anybody's guess. Follow the money, see the RV.

ALLonghorn:  IKO Listen to you last night and I have a question: Did you say you thought the money in Zim would not revalue?

Iko Ward:  Al, no, just the opposite, ZIM was the sleeper in this crowd.

Famous13:  Iko are you feeling like we'll have to wait till this weekend before we see anything?

ALLonghorn:  IKO Why a three day weekend to pull this off?

Iko Ward:  famous..I just don't know, but it's all set to go. AL, the banks want time to process people before the news hits the general media.

Elmerf123456:  UN, US, UK, France & Iran officially congratulate Iraqi government on victory in Ramadi against Daesh terrorists

Skyward100:  I was in chat early morning and I will repeat what I said.... Soon the world will be blessed in many ways and the ones (s) or greed of this world will stand in shame. Until we wait patiently a d be glad because we are part of this historical event

Gita:  A Dinarin friend of mine who's cousin just returned from Kuwait for the holidays stated when in Iraq what use to cost him a dollar now cost $3.00 + change. I found that interesting something has happened in the country…. Just not international yet

ALLonghorn:  IKO on OM is currently watching several elements on the markets which will indicate to him that the RV is at the door. He feels like once one falls they will all move and the RV will happen very suddenly. Great anticipation right now

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